I have been thinking a lot about what to write to you next.

Last time we visited here, I was feeling the gray cloak of depression wrapping around me.

It isn’t quite so pronounced now, but, neither is it a “poof! it’s gone” type of situation.

Rarely is.

For a while, silence overtakes me. Perhaps, it is God’s way of bringing me to the surrender of rest.

An area I admit to struggling in quite often.

And, then, to speak again?

Well, it becomes a bit like fighting through masks of cobwebs.

Seeking out the words and stringing them together at these times can become a much more painstaking process than usual.

But, as this is where my heart is at, this is the place from which I’ll write.

So… let’s talk about rest.

Oh, not mere physical rest, as important as that is to the finite bodies He has created for us.

But, rather, spiritual rest, that which our souls crave, stifle it though we will with the stuff of life.

If there’s one thing that keeps a soul down, it’s always being “on the go”.

Meetings over here. Volunteerism over there.

Portfolio development and perpetual networking and staying plugged in, oh, my!

Midnight oil and then some, just to get ahead. Ahead of what or who, I’ve never been sure, but it’s what they say. 😏

And then, lest we forget, even “leisure” time is booked up.

Little leagues and lessons for the young sprouts, regimens and “vacays”, complete with Insta-whatever photo-ops for the adults. πŸ™„

Doing the things because we just have to do all the things.

We do, don’t we? πŸ€”

Well, I can answer that with one resounding…

Poppycock! πŸ™‚ ( Yes, I do enjoy an excuse to use some funny words now and again.)


Some stuff is obviously fun but ultimately not too meaningful ( I believe Solomon summed that up well in Ecclesiastes. πŸ™‚).

But, what about all the other things? The church things? The good things?

Well, where some of the stuff we do, is, in fact, not without its merit, especially when it comes to serving God, even that often becomes means of clutter when in excess.

For, too many times, these pursuits, good or not, can become that which detracts from the One our focus ought to center on.

Even as believers, our eyes can wander from seeking a personal relationship with Jesus to zeroing in on doing “Jesus” things.

Almost without our noticing, many times.

Because the devil knows how to make busy look the same as blessed to us.

It isn’t that we should all just sit around all day in a never-ending chillfest.

That becomes another issue altogether! ( See Proverbs for the woes of the sluggard.πŸ™‚)

No, the idea isn’t to do nothing.

It’s to pursue Jesus first, to read His words, to seek His guidance in all the things we do and what things He’d have us do (as well as what to say that difficult but necessary “no” to!).

To take Him up on the rest He offers instead of bypassing it on the way to whatever’s got our attention now.

And, just maybe, even learn a little silence in Him.

Blessings and prayers to you, friends. May we all pursue Him first.

5 thoughts on “The Surrender of Rest

  1. I agree, with all you wrote, Marisa. The word with you is “rest”; the word with me is “peace,” and I believe they both refer to the same thing. I take Philippians 4:6-7 very seriously, to the point that on given days when praying for my own needs, I’ll simply boil them all down to “the peace that passes all understanding.”
    Whether it’s God’s peace or God’s rest, I’ll take as much of it as He’s willing to give me!
    May the Lord give you the spiritual rest you so desire!

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