I love the faith chapter of Hebrews 11. So many people seeing incredible happenings by faith. Some not even seeing the full fruition of promises, but knowing the God they trust is faithful to complete the good works begun.

Many seeing a redemption of their times, as well as the redemption to come.

It reminds my heart how He really does make beauty for ashes.

And, when the Lord takes those ashes and makes beauty, it is like watching dirt suddenly become butterflies, lighting for the skies.

A wonder to behold so astounding you can scarcely register it.

But, sometimes, the wonder gets lost.

For, despite all the initial awe, despite the awesome inspiration the faith chapter can be, what insidious complacency can come to rob our gratitude!

And what then about the next round of soot needing His breath upon it?

Do I merely begin again at the proverbial drawing board, wringing my hands, the brilliant beauties of before all but dismissed from my mind?

Hopefully not, but, to be honest with you, it takes a resurrection of memory at times, even with all He’s brought me through, to unearth my latent thankfulness.

This is not the same, of course as tipping into a brooding on the past.

That would be unhealthy indeed!

No, this is a reminder of a different kind, one which always leads to the infinite goodness of His sustaining hand.

There is power in this sort of remembrance, when it comes from a place of seeking Him. It’s actually an important key which the faith chapter holds:

The retelling of what He has done before can serve to remind us of what He can do now.

For He is the same God today, yesterday, and forever.

It’s only us who wavers in forgetfulness.

Ah, but thank the Lord for His eternal graciousness!

I marvel at the patient Abba Father way He keeps taking what we’ve crumbled into dust, and reshaping it into bright beautiful things winging through the atmosphere!

May we remember, not with dwelling but with gratitude, all He has done before and look forward with trust what He will do again.

Blessings, friends!

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