I have been nominated for a Sunshine Blogger Award! Such a surprise and so nice to be thought of. ☺

A big thank you to Robert at Watching at Wisdom’s Gates! Your kindness is very appreciated.


I know at the end of this I’m supposed to have eleven people in mind to nominate, but, where I am not necessarily new to blogging, I still feel fairly “young” at this go-around, so I am still getting to know most people. I can’t say as I know eleven people right now I feel I can comfortably nominate. ( That haven’t been nominated already. There are also a few who I feel probably don’t really do this sort of thing! ☺)

So, forgive me if I forgo that part. There is no offense meant.

I actually considered just skipping this post altogether to avoid doing so. Robert was gracious enough to say it was a no-obligation deal…but, frankly, I liked his questions and felt it could actually be beneficial to answer.

So, those somewhat elaborate explanations out of the way, on to the answers (and if I need to be drummed out of the blogging club for breaking the rules, well, we’ll deal with that later😉) …

1. What’s your favorite Bible verse at the moment?

I have several that have carried me through different points in my life, especially Phil. 4:13 and Jeremiah 29:11, but, right now, John 8:12 has been speaking to me:

“I am the Light of the World. He who follows me will not walk in darkness, but have the Light of life.”

Very helpful, especially on the dark days, to know His light is there to guide my path. ☺

2. Who’s family for you?

Well, foremost is God. Without Him, there is no family. But, as to the human side, we have a full house here. There’s my dear husband of 7 years (my second chance at love ❤), four kids (One girl, three boys. Older three are from my first marriage, youngest boy is a lovely bonus.) and two dogs.

3. Who are your closest friends?

Friends I’ve struggled to do well with, to be honest. It isn’t something that comes naturally. But, if I had to say I’m close to anyone, it’s my pastor’s wife. She is incredibly kind and easy to talk to. And I am meeting/getting to know again some lovely brothers and sisters in Christ here. ☺

4. What’s your favorite YouTube channel?

I’m more of a Youtube dipper than a channel devotee. If I have an oldie or worship song pop in my head, I do love to go there to look it up, though.

5. If you could have a second home anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Hmmm…this is a tough one. I am a creature of sameness, so the thought of being elsewhere is not necessarily something I ponder often. Probably down in Oklahoma someplace, as that is where my parents moved to several years ago. It’d be nice to be nearer each other again.

6. What was the last song you listened to?

Not sure of the name, but it was my daughter singing snippets of a disco song from their school musical. 😊

7. What’s your favorite form of social media (apart from WordPress!) and why?

Well, I used to do it all. When you write a book it’s more or less expected. It became a madhouse of obligation! When I felt the need to step away for my spiritual health, I deleted all accounts. I haven’t readded any other than this one blog. I don’t know that that will change. I leave it to God’s direction. 🙂

8. What’s your local church like?

We are an old church, been here over a hundred years. There’s a mix of elderly people, young families, and those of us in the middle. Our pastor is very humble and kind, very much about getting into the Word and looking there for our direction. We also have a growing children’s/youth ministry.

9. Do you have a garden? If so, describe it 🙂

Hee hee. Oh, if you only knew what you asked! We moved to this really old house in this very small country (read no grocery store, one gas station) town. I have a nice big yard. Tried a garden that first summer out of that sense of “I should”. Couldn’t grow much but weird carrots to save my life. My oldest son, however, grew a big, beautiful, “accidental” watermelon (he planted seeds from a refrigerated melon and managed to get it to thrive.) in the front yard. So…if we want things to grow, it’s his job now. 😊

10. What’s the community you live in like?

Well, in addition to what I described above, our town is fairly tightknit. We know each other and help out how we can. Not to say we don’t have our troubles still. Troubles are everywhere, after all. But, we are blessed, by and large, with some very kind, faith-filled folks.

11. What would you like to study more?

Well, I am currently digging deeper into the minor prophets. It’s a part of the Bible I have read before, but it’s been a while and I would like to understand it better.

In addition to that, prophecy in general-particularly as it relates to the end times-is always heavy on my mind.

The clock is ticking and we who hold the truth of Christ must continue to share it while we can.

Well, that about sums it up.

Thank you again, Robert! God bless!

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