Some things seem somewhat obvious in the Christian walk.

Stay away from certain behaviors, exhibit others.

We’re pretty good at ticking off a litany of things we don’t do, as well as a hefty list of things we do do.

We’re pretty good at believing we aren’t letting the world in.

Yet… which of us can turn on our television sets, scroll through our phones, battle traffic, the workplace, the marketplace, or school without anything from the world seeping in?

Maybe it’s a show that’s not exactly rated R, but we know nevertheless isn’t God honoring…yet, it’s sooo funny, we just have to watch.

After all, everybody else is. 😏

Perhaps, it’s a website or a Facebook conversation best stayed away from, yet, we find ourselves unable to resist jumping into the fray, hateful language suddenly at our fingertips.

After all, it’s in the name of defending our territory. 🙄

Or, could be that traffic or work or the slow lane at the grocery store puts our burners on boil… and terror in the hearts of those on the receiving end!

It may be as simple as someone we don’t out and out bite the head off of, yet, in our thought life, we struggle to be kind or forgiving to.

After all, the world will tell us holding on to our hurt is understandable. 😔

Might just be pressing ourselves so hard into ambition we’ve let it consume us.

Everybody wants to be a somebody, naturally. 🙂

Could be countless other “could be’s”.

The point isn’t to lambaste any of us.

That would only add to the burden.

No…rather, it is a reminder, as much to myself as to anyone else, how easy it is to let the world in, in so many ways…

Some we might think of, others that may not occur to us.

Some that convict me to the core.

And, I’ve learned where I tear down the veils and deal in honesty, others might find one to relate to in this old world.

And maybe we can help one another remember we are to be in it, but not of it. 😉

Prayers and blessings to you, friends!

10 thoughts on “The Ways We Let the World in

  1. I think Jesus balanced this paradox unlike any other, but I’m encouraged He trusts us to do it. Grant it we sin and err while doing it, but then remember that He called the sons of thunder out on it when they wanted to call lightening down on some “unbelievers” who weren’t healing “right.”

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