Too often people of this world think in terms of the more.

More money.

More prestige.

More stuff.

We humans are sadly prone to this insatiable hunger.

And, since the church is, in fact, made up of us fallible humans, it stands to reason that this intense scratching in the gut spills over into the church.

Shouldn’t, of course. But does.

And what do churches generally want more of?

Well, some-not all-but, some want more state-of-the-art.

Veritable shopping malls for buildings.

The gift shop, the coffee shop, the three-story playhouse for the kiddies.

The smoke machine, the laser lights, the drummer on display behind plexiglass.

Always adding more fundraisers to add more things…

More cool trappings to add more bodies in the cushy seats.

Because more is always better, right?

Well, I hate to burst any bubbles or come across too harshly, but, umm… no.

But, but…

More means more people going to our church doing more awesome Jesus things!

That can’t be bad!

Yeah, but, it’s not necessarily a given that more are actually getting to know Jesus there.

For how many are there without the saving knowledge of Christ?

How many drift through without true discipleship?

But, but, there’s lots of people! That’s revival, right?


Oh, I know so many churches, even many fellow believers, that picture revival in huge waves of people, that if only we could get more numbers, that we could see more happening for Christ.

But substance sacrificed for more numbers isn’t what brings about revival.

Because, revival doesn’t really begin with a mass of people.

Revival begins with one.

But, but, Jesus preached and there were thousands!

Peter added thousands, too!

Billy Graham crusades! Thousands!

Yes, that’s so. But, there was still a need for each soul to experience that individual heart change.

And, then, to be discipled after.

Jesus always, always, even in the press of a crowd, took time for the one.

Just ask the woman with the issue of blood.

Ask the disciples He so often took aside to teach deeper understanding of His truth, to ensure they were getting it.

Ask countless others who met Him and had a radical change not because of some fancy happening, but because of the one on one.

For, without taking notice of the one, it’s just far too often a case down the road of :

Whatever happened to so-and -so?

I dunno. They came to the big get-together a while back, the worship was really cool, there were lots of people! So-and-so went forward to pray, I think, but, all of a sudden, they stopped coming.

We can’t, of course, reach all and keep track of every one.

But, in the quest for more numbers, it can be especially hard.

For the one can be much easier to lose in the mass when our heart’s not on the revival of that one.

Now, it behooves me at this point to note that I know these major revivals some speak of are not likely if we know our scripture, particularly end time scripture.

But, still-if we could all learn to care about the one, how much more change could we really see for the whole?

It’s worth more than a passing thought.

Lord, help us to not lose sight of the ones you put in our path for the sake of wanting more. I know times are not destined to improve in the here and now, but, still, revive our hearts. One by one.

Thanks for reading. Blessings and prayers, friends!

16 thoughts on “Revival Begins With One

  1. Amen! Jesus often cared about that one individual. Nicodemus was an example. It is sobering to hear the words of Christ: “Truly, truly, I say to you, unless one is born again he cannot see the kingdom of God” (John 3:3). Jesus does not say that one will not see the kingdom of God unless he obeys the law good enough, gives enough money to the poor, walks down an aisle, prays a prayer, makes a decision, and so forth. No, Jesus says that one will not see the kingdom of God unless he or she “is born again.” Thanks for the post!

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  2. Spot on, Marisa. Sometimes the trappings are just that… trappings. In my past, growing up in certain churches, the discipleship factor wasn’t there. It was all about the “numbers”. Arg. I ran from that sector of churches 41 years ago & never returned. It was only then that I grew spiritually. Good stuff here. God’s grip. -Alan

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  3. This is so true! Churches are getting more of this and more of that but people’s hearts are going further and further away from Jesus. More things don’t do it, only the truth of Jesus Christ and His holy Word changes lives.

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    1. You’re most welcome, Wendy! I quite agree! How wonderful to see you here, my friend!! It’s been a circuitous journey to here, but, as you can see, writing simply won’t let me be. ☺ I hope this finds you and yours well!

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      1. Writers must write, dear friend. I’m so glad to see you’re still writing. My life is busier than it was, so I have to squeeze blogging etc in where and when I can. Yes, we’re all well. 🙂 And you and yours?

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      2. Amen to that! Good! Glad to see you are still fitting in blogging. Looking forward to catching up on it. Our life is pretty busy, too. Joe’s business is growing, Elijah’s going to graduate high school this year, Timothy and Sarah are deep into the school musical, and my little bonus baby, David, is a 2nd grader! They grow up so fast!

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