I have a bigger, fancier nativity scene thanks to one of those awesome garage sale buys, but this tiny one predates it, taking me back to the struggling days of single motherhood. We had a little apartment, therefore little decorations suited. I still put it out as a reminder of what He can do with small things. Thought a picture of it here also suited perfectly. ☺

I have recently been dealing with one of the really not-so-thrilling sides of my physical woes.

Not that any are thrilling, mind you. 😏

And, oh, how I hate talking about it!

But, we’ve established I go where He directs, so…

We’ll start here:

There are so, so many components to EDS, several of which I deal with to varying degrees. And every case has it’s own face on it.

But, this particular struggle I am most coping with presently begins with a rude awakening in the night. My head has somehow shifted from its much needed, princess-and-the-pea style propped position and plunged itself into a violently swimming vortex via my inner ear fritzes.

It’s really but a few moments of vertigo. It feels a little foolish at times to be so frightened of it. However, it is intense enough I find myself scrambling for something stable to grab onto.

Usually it’s my dear slumbering husband who has been through this with me enough times to respond with tenderness, even in his half-awake state, along with a tight grip of his own to let me know he’s got me.

In this way, he also lets me know that I’m not really falling off the edge of the world, even though it feels like it at the time.

It’s much appreciated, let me tell you! Everyone needs a solid rock to cling to when the earth is shaking.

And, as I sit here in the aftermath of day-long malaise, weak as a newborn colt, body and brain still unsure of my every movement, I am reminded of how much this reflects the Christian life.

Didn’t necessarily feel like writing, but I’ll use it.

Scratch that-I’ll allow God to use it. 🙂

There are times-lots of times-when we feel like we are about the weakest, silliest thing in creation.

Powerless to make a move.

But, that is when we must remember He who chose to come down to earth to inhabit a fragile newborn vessel.

To further inhabit us with His perfect wisdom and strength when ours is gone.

It’s not a Christmas verse, per se, but I think on it now in that He didn’t come in the imposing frame anticipated by us finite folks, a fact which I love:

But God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise; God chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong. 1 Corinthians 1:27 NIV

If ever a verse lifts my scrawny little soul, this is one.

The truth we cannot do it in our own pitiful power sounds so negative to the pull-it-up-by-your-own-bootstraps world, but, truly, it’s just… freeing!

Because, to acknowledge we aren’t supposed to be able to do this on our own is what can ultimately provide us with authentic, lasting strength.

And the realization He can yet use us if we but take all these pathetic scraps we possess to Him is nothing short of incredible!

It’s a marvel, but, you know, the more I know the Lord, the more I see it is to His express delight to take the outwardly unexceptional and breathe the breath of life into it.

To reach out His steadying hand to those of us who wobble.

And speak the comfort that needs no words:

No, my child, you aren’t falling off the edge of the world. I’ve got you. All you’ve got to do is hold onto Me.

Blessings and prayers, friends! May you rest in His strength this season and always!

16 thoughts on “Weakness Tops Strength

      1. Like Samson…….. people think Samson was a man with muscles and definitely looked the part. But I believe he was an ordinary man with an extraordinary ability. The only way to explain it was God.

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  1. That’s a cute little nativity scene! I really love that verse in 1 Cor 1:27. It is good to know that God can use us as we are. It goes against the world’s ideas/standards that you have to be perfect, or accomplish everything yourself.

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    1. Thanks! It was one of my early Christmas purchases after rebuilding life had begun. 😊 Yes, it is a great verse for contrasting how the world thinks from how He operates! Very grateful He can use us for His glory. Thanks for reading and commenting! God bless you!

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  2. Ooookaaayyyyy, Marisa. Here’s another thing we share…in a way. After a major health collapse, back in 2013, one of the unexpected ripples in the wake of it was a bad case of inner ear issues delivering gargantuan vertigo problems. It lasted about 5 months as I suffered greatly from it. With that said, what a perfect tool to describe our earthly trek as believers in this earthsuit. Love it and the way you use your words. God’s grip for stability. -Alan

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    1. Wow. I kind of hate knowing that is something else we have in common, if only because it’s so not fun, yet, at the same time, it’s always good to know someone who gets it. ☺ It was an unexpected inspiration, but glad He gave it to me and that you got something out of it. Thanks and God bless you, Alan!

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  3. Wow, I really appreciate your vulnerability. In sharing your struggles, many will be able to make it through their own “rough patch”, time in the desert etc. May God grant you complete & miraculous healing. ❤

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