The following came to me in my old tried and true poetry form, something I have not ventured to in years. Thanks to Robert at Watching at Wisdom’s Gates for the recent conversation on our respective tinkerings with verse that helped motivate me to try it again. If well received, I will attempt to make this a regular thing. As with nearly all things with me, my style is a tad unorthodox. 🙂 I do rhyme, but, I don’t really think about it all in a traditional meter, so I don’t know that most of my works have one…

When Truth is Hard to See

A small comment on the difficulty and importance of finding God’s truth in a world full of deception...


That which should be

The shining beacon

Lighting our way.


That which can become

Harder to see

When shadows gather to

Keep it at bay.

Sight becomes murky then,

Night closes in,

And, in the densening fog,

You find yourself going by feel

Round every bend.

This is when we must bravely

Thrust out a hand,

Push through the dangling

Shrouds of deceit

And in our souls call out a


To separate brittle black from

Beauty bright,

Inky dark from pure light

And cherish His truth to our


Come what may…

Thanks for joining me in a new venture today, dear friends! May we each seek and hold fast to His truth in an ever darkening world.

15 thoughts on “When the Truth is Hard to See

  1. I want to take a moment and thank the Lord for something I’ve noticed lately…. when we first met on here, you seemed shy and a bit stand-offish, here lately it seems that we have had some awesome conversations! I think it’s a major blessing when I see the Lord move like this.

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    1. Yes, I am noticing this, too, and feel grateful the Lord is helping me with my communication. I have a lot of reticence to start with most, even more so in person! Some of it is due to personality, some has developed due to a rather hurtful past. However, there are some people that I grow in comfort with as I get to know them. You are definitely one I have been able to do that with. Also…I’ve had a wee bit more time to expound on answers here of late. Some days, I am pulled ten different directions and not a one cares if I want to write a response on here! ☺

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      1. I’m kind of speak when spoken to in person. But on here I can talk about anything and everything…

        I try not to be too aggravating. I learn people.. some people don’t mind a full blown conversation and some like to keep it simple.

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      2. Yes, I understand that! There is something freeing in the written word. I believe that’s why I often have resorted to it. For me, it is a way I can take my time and form the phrases just as I want them to be. In person, I have someone looking at me, waiting for me to put it all together already, or else just waiting for *their* turn to say something. 🙄 I get flustered, tongue-tied, and the chance to say something in-depth is quickly lost most times. On here, whereas I can’t say insecurity doesn’t ever crop up, it’s much less so, especially with those I grow to understand I can be myself with. Then, the main problem becomes the opened floodgates….as evidenced here. 😁

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      3. I think I resemble nothing less than 99.99% of this lol!

        Socializing is so much easier online! Just as you said, it’s so awesome because I can think and comment as something intelligent comes to mind… instead of having to think on my feet…

        My introvert sister😁!

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