A slightly wordy poetic analogy on marriage, particularly the second time around. Second chances are wonderfully blessed, but, I’d be remiss not to acknowledge there’s a struggle in coming together when two people have past hurts. God’s grace is vital, to say the least

Another oil crayon doodle of mine. 😏

Mincing Footsteps, or the Proverbial One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

Lacing up my shoes,

Pausing in the unbroken silence.

One violin begins a plaintive beckon.

Better start, I reckon.

Skimming one foot to the floor,

Arms curve up like a tree to the sky;

More instruments gather beyond an open door,

Notes on weathered wings commence to fly…

Mincing footsteps I take

One rep, two rep.

Don’t falter. Don’t quake.

They’ll know you’re only a fake.

Across the floor I venture a glance

To notice you’ve joined me in this dance.

Don’t halt there. Don’t see me shake.

Oh, do you know how I love to watch you move,

Even across the way as you are?

Adoration, admiration fill my heart.

I tiptoe nearer,

Blood singing with fear,

Longing to be closer,

Wishing for the feeling of

Being in sync.

But, don’t want to cry.

Don’t even want to blink.

One step forward,

Two steps back.


Feign unconcern.

Don’t wonder if he’s bored.

Don’t ponder if he’ll turn.

If I hold my breath long enough,

If I can just appear a little tough…

I don’t really feel like I belong in this place.

Just steal a look and give him his space…

But, oh….it is in this reverie I find

You have indeed moved to my side.

One hand at my waist,

The other tilting up my face,

I blush, a graceless ballerina-


Feeling foolish as eyes collide.

For, in mine clearly lies

All I’ve sought.

But, then, in the midst of this maze

I truly discern your gaze,

And I see not a trace

Of the one I felt so fearful of,

So far away from,

And, astoundingly, in your expression

Is not one single stone.

Just… the vulnerability,

The pleading,

And the love

I echo in my own.

And, so, begins our footsteps again.

One, two, together…

Neither of us presumed to be

Dancers, by any means,

Yet, His grace sheds down

To guide us so tenderly

Though yet unseen.

Praise be to He who saw fit

To draw us to each other’s side!

May He ever pour out wisdom and wit

To knit us as one in life’s dance

That in Him we may abide…

Thanks for reading, dear friends! Wherever you are at in life, may you enjoy God’s grace and in Him abide. Blessings and prayers.

10 thoughts on “Mincing Footsteps, Or the Proverbial One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

  1. Love makes a marriage work! There’s little love (for others) these days and of course that’s why marriages fail. But ultimately, if there’s love, it might be a slow progression, but nevertheless, it’s progressing!

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