See, I am doing a new thing!
Now it springs up; do you not perceive it?
I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland. – Isaiah 43:19

Love that verse. ❤

Even put it in my wedding vows 8 years ago come March. ☺

I pulled it out here originally seeking to pen a more standard thought on this New Year’s Eve.

But, the exhilarating freshness to a new beginning puts me in mind of rather an odder thought today.

So…bear with me while I rustle up a mother’s analogy 😉:

A year’s end is like watching a cluttered sink of sticky plates and seemingly endless cups diminish at long last to none. We get a glimmer of satisfaction in the shiny and clean.

(By the way, how do we go through so many cups in such a short time?! 🤔)


New Year’s Day is like the wow of empty stainless steel staring up at you for a moment!

Note the word “moment”. 😉

For, all too soon, here comes more cups out of the woodwork to create a new version of the old tower…

Some very familiar cups, naturally… the chipped one, the cartoon-adorned, the industrial- sized coffee mugs… but, maybe in a different order this time.

Or, there could be that stray you know you haven’t seen used in an eon.

The one you’re pretty sure crawled out from under the depths of your son’s bed. 😏

Much like another day layering itself on another day.

Some will look like the ones gone before.

Maybe not so bad.

Maybe yucky-but survivable.

Or, maybe, something is in a different order.

Something goes an unexpected direction.

The Lord shifts you into a place you’ve not been before.

Or, perhaps, even considered.

It could look daunting-like dishes multiplying in a sink unabated.

Or, it could be something far more thrilling than wielding a scrub brush, when we can lean on His scouring power to help us perceive it as such.

A way in the wilderness, a stream in the wasteland even.

Tasks may be completely unknown in some cases. Odd or clumsy at first.

Or, in fact, they may not change all that much in other cases. Maybe seemingly routine. And yet, even then, there’s still a something new….

But, the point is, in whatever He asks of us, whether new or familiar, He is there, providing a pathway, equipping us for the call.

Carving out twists and turns to grow us, steadying passages to shore us up, pouring out places of refreshing to gladden our souls.

For, where these days will be ones we’ve never lived before, He has been the forerunner of our journey, lovingly mapping all that is to come.

And, so, as a new year dawns shortly, He beckons us on.

Go ahead. He says. Fresh start. Trust me.

Add to the tower of cups.

You and me- we’ve got this.

Bright blessings, much love, and many prayers for you, my friends! Thanks for indulging an odd analogy this New Year’s Eve! May we enter 2020 embracing all He has for us, knowing that sink will be added to, but also knowing He’s got the stuff to help us scrub it clean! 😉

6 thoughts on “Cluttered Sinks and Fresh Starts

  1. I’m glad He helps bring order to our cluttered sinks lol. God is always faithful to us. This line in your writing resonated with me, “…He has been the forerunner of our journey, lovingly mapping all that is to come.” This reminds me not to worry. God has a loving plan! Happy New Year! 🥳

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