Ok. Comments on. Still can’t understand the issue completely. Thanks for bearing with me! Blessings to you! ☺


Always seeking a perfect crafting.

Seems forever I am drafting…

How I love to weave you

In patterns enormously elaborate

Or whittle you carefully down to

Allow sparing truths to fit.

But, there are times when you

All but vanish,

Behaving almost as banished,

Leaving me with a nameless


Stinging my tongue,

Though not painfully:

And that single, well-known melody alights itself

Softly, reverently…

Holy, holy, holy

Is the Lord God Almighty…

My heart surrenders to the phrase,

Rendered otherwise wordless

By the echo of endless praise

To come,

Of knowing and lifting Him high.

Oh, to embrace the ultimate sum

Of all our existence!

To freely fling my hands to the sky,

Ending all resistance!

To join in sinking to my knees

Before the throne,

To know this King

Loves me as His own!

To sink back in the peace,

To rejoice in the ceasing of

All my consternation,

And at last lay aside the

Mad scramble for

A poet’s perfection.

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