Get ready.

I may puncture a few favored thoughts tonight. I don’t know.

Hopefully, it will not be construed as malicious! 😳

I don’t believe so. I think most of you are getting to know my heart.🙂

So…I have been waxing nostalgic for the contemporary Christian music I grew up with a lot lately.

I am nudging into 42 next month, so the era is not too difficult to guess, I imagine. 🙂

80’s and 90’s seem pretty far away here in 2020.

And, at the risk of sounding curmudgeonly, Christian music does, too!

In a way that is sadly feeling like the same watered down cup so many churches are serving up these days.

Oh, there are Jesusy lyrics sung, all right.

But, I turn on the radio and find that seldom is today’s Christian fare beyond a romantical, vague, husky-voiced haze, difficult to tell one song from the next. 🙁

Almost…formulaic. As if the subject is still there, but the substance has been hollowed out.

Ouch. Maybe that’s a bit harsh….😬

Now, I said I would try not to be a crotchedy old lady here, so I will try to stand by that!

I am swimming into my middle years, but I still have a mindset which knows God has gifted us beyond the old standards, so it isn’t your typical no-new-fangled granny grumble. 😏

So, maybe it’d help to give you a proper picture of my background…

I started out in the likes of doing imaginary concerts to Petra records, as well as some of my daddy’s Don Fransisco, Harvest, and BJ Thomas as a preteen. 🙂

I graduated later to wearing out tapes of Michael W. Smith, 4Him, and, my personal favorite, Rich Mullins.

DC Talk, the earlier Newsboys, Jars of Clay, and Audio Adrenaline were swiftly added to the mix, along with a few others I would discover through my annual collecting of the latest W.O.W. compilation CD.

Stuff that each had its own signature flavor, singers with their own personal tweak, a variety of instruments with voices of their own, too.

But, best of all, lyrics that did more than make me feel like I was wrapped in impossibly fluffy pajamas.

Not that fluffy pajamas are necessarily always wrong.

We all need to feel comforted by His love.

But, our comfort can’t and shouldn’t be our singular focus.

Nor all we sing about!

No…rather, what I miss in today’s music compared to these older songs was that the latter made me think.

They sandpapered me with grit and honesty and challenge…

They bit into me, in a way I didn’t even fully realize back then.

The necessary bite of conviction.

Oh, I won’t pretend every song merited that rather lofty description.

There were lots of lightweights in there, just as every era has.

Believe me, I experienced that, too, as I ricocheted like a pinball between the self-serving ways of Charismania and a more traditional style of church.

But, in contrast, there didn’t seem to be the universal striving for the constant “feel good” that has permeated our culture at large today.

Now, that said, I won’t knock every song or every new artist.

That would be the height of close-minded generalization.

I know there are yet pockets where sincerity of heart and creativity of mind exist.

For instance, I see and hear such on many a Wednesday night when we huddle around a couple of guitars and a d’jembe drum to lift up praise to the Lord with our youth. 🙂

I guess I am just saying we shouldn’t neglect the individuality He’s graced us with, especially not to appease the masses or stroke our fragile egos.

Nor should we shrink from the often necessary bite of conviction.

I believe that is integral to our call.

It should, therefore, be reflected in every aspect of living-music included….

Well, I hope that wasn’t too grumpy for you. I don’t like to feel as if I am purposely tromping on toes, even when God gives me the hard word to give. 🙂 Blessings and prayers to you, dear friends! Keep singing a new song to Him, but make sure it’s always a song of truth! 😉

27 thoughts on “Losing Bite

  1. So true that there are so many songs that do have that depth and meaning in their words and just have an upbeat tune.
    I am quite selective in what I keep in my worship playlist. I got introduced to some by my son, they are from Hillsong Australia; meaningful words with the sound attuned for today’s youth.

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  2. Oh, Marisa, you did well here. (I’m saying that as an old radio guy who brought you those artists when they were new.). Yes, even now we can’t throw out the baby with the bathwater. The battles around the conference tables continue today about music trends, ratings, demographics, and dollars. It’s all so distasteful if you are part of the mechanical decision making. At the same time there is a rise in old CCM hunger. You might want to give a listen to an online effort at Hugs from here.

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  3. Hi Marisa, Thanks for your post! I remember listening to Michael W. Smith, Twila Paris, D.C. Talk, Jars of Clay too! I do miss the unique flavours of Christian music from decades gone by. Worship songs with lyrics focusing on actually worshipping God is so important instead of making the focus about us. I still love to revisit old hymns as the gospel message is so strong and refreshing! 😀

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    1. Hi, Joy! Yes, I quite agree! The focus should be on worshipping God! I love the old hymns, too.The lyrics are so powerful! My granny used to sing them all over the house as she cleaned. Ooh, Twila Paris! That’s another artist I forgot to mention! On a rough day, “God is in Control” often pops in my head. Thanks so much for reading and sharing your thoughts here! Blessings to you! ☺

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    2. Yes, those songs saying “God, make Your presence felt here – change the atmosphere, make us feel good!” God HAS promised us that He will never leave us or forsake us! And He keeps His promises. We shouldn’t insult Him by asking for something He’s already given us, but rather THANK Him that He is here, whether we feel it or not. At my age (You don’t want to know…) I’ve learned that my emotions are NOT the definitive factor in anything.

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  4. Great post Marisa! Hey I’m 2 years older than you…44 next month lol. But it’s true, some newer songs do focus on feeling good and have little or no conviction. I love worship music such as Hillsong, hymns, and old school gospel music.

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    1. Thanks! Oh, how cool about your birthday! Oh, yes, old school gospel! That’s another genre my granny introduced me to when I was a kid! I inherited a couple of her old Mahalia Jackson albums. ☺ It still draws me into a place of worship with every listen! Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts here! It’s very heartening to see how many are getting my point! Blessings to you, Dawn!

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  5. I didn’t think you were grumpy at all! At 65, I am familiar with the artists that you mentioned. Rich Mullins is one of my all-time favorites! His song, My Deliver, is rich in doctrine. I knew the other day when you said the News Boys in a comment, that you and I have the same taste for Christian music.

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    1. Good! I like to make my point without getting grumpy. ☺ Oh, that is such a beautiful song! One of my favorites, too! And Newsboys was and is my go-to when I need to keep me motivated! So cool to find others who share the same taste! Thanks for sharing and God bless you! ☺

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  6. Mrs. M., you might like the songs we sing at our church. We sing a lot of the old standards, but we get other songs from a group called “City Alight” that sings new songs with very theologically sound lyrics. (Our church is full of seminary students, so I doubt they’d tolerate the fluff.) Two of my favorites are “Not in Me” and “Yet Not I, but through Christ in Me.” I have already picked these two for my resurrection celebration after I go home, because they make it VERY clear that ALL the glory goes to God. (Check them out on Alexa.)

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  7. 🤦‍♂️ there’s so little difference between “Christian” music and secular today it’s pathetic… there’s a Christian P!nk, a Christian Bruno Mars… etc. we are called to be set apart not mimicking secular counterparts..

    Christian music artists that are on board with the “favorite politician” promoting and bashing…

    and awards! Awards for Christian music?? Why?

    I’m sounding like an old man… 😊😕

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    1. Hi, Mandy! For some unfathomable reason, your comment got sent to spam. I hadn’t checked mine in a while or I’d have rescued this long ago! At any rate, thanks so much for reading and commenting! Blessings to you!


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