A short(ish) happening I just had to share. 🙂

I don’t often scroll through my activity on here.

There’s nothing inherently wrong with doing so, of course.

Coasting along here, one post to the next with rarely a glance at my administration page is just one of my many adopted idiosyncracies, like merrily eschewing the stats for the most part.😁

It’s not something that I came by easily, by any means. I mean, God has had to do a lot of very patient working on me to get me even this far in the whole confidence and security bit.

It’s only taken my nth blogging incarnation since 2014, after all. 😏

(Hello, old friends! I know you know! 😉)

So, whereas this rather…relaxed way of blogging admittedly isn’t for everybody, it happens to help me at this long and much-storied point in my writing life.

Perspective is a wonderous thing!

However, all that backstoryish spiel is not my happening.

But it’s a prelude to the happening. Sort of. 😏

So…the happening is this smallish yet oddly inspirational event:

Out of the blue, I actually needed to consult something recently on my activity.

I was done when I just happened to notice some sort of spam comment WordPress had wiped out for me at some point. (For all my flucuating struggles on here, this is a moment I am rather grateful for technology! 😏)

For, apparently, though the content is now lost in the electronic abyss, I can still see who posted it.

None other than one labeled 666. 😳

Now, I am sure I am not alone in receiving such a thing, particularly as a Christian blogger. Nor do I read overly into intentions.

There’s a ton of spammers pedalling their canned ham-like products. I’ll never know just what this one had to say.

But, it did put me in mind of one key truth:

How complete are the shadow of His wings!

His protection of His own is astounding in its utter thoroughness.

Though the devil will sling his arrows and we’d do well to stay sober over that fact, a child of the Most High is ever shielded.

Not a thing the enemy assails us with can truly chink our heavenly armor.

When we have it on, that is!

For, to enjoy this infinite protection, we must choose to abide in it.

It isn’t enough to know it’s available.

Oh, there are times we won’t know the what all His wing guards us from till after the fact.

Sometimes, the details won’t be something we even fully see in the here and now.

But, it matters not. What does is the surety of He who holds us.

Blessings and prayers, dear friends! May you ever rest in the shadow of His wings!