Reflections as we take another step closer to our eldest son’s future. The college of his choice seems nearly set, praise God. A mama’s heart soars with pride, especially as this boy is continuing to bust autistic stereotypes right and left. Yet, the letting go part a parent is supposed to do? Well…๐Ÿ˜

Only a blink ago,

I think,

You were that lively little thing,

Popping up to greet me,

Meeting me with the sunniest of


Wholly unperturbed by drooly chin,

Chubby hands outstretched on cue,

Looking to be fetched

From crib’s depth,

Always ready to give the new

A hearty spin.

Yet, it also feels a hundred

Countless lifetimes,

A thousand layers of soul-aging


Since our hours were spent

On a child’s carefree explores

Just beyond the nursery door.

We’ve seen so much, you and I

Sometimes, too much, I cannot deny…

Enough to tug a heart’s string

To tendrils strained taut.

Oh, when I remember the raging

Wars we’ve fought!

For understanding,

For soft landings,

For clarity to bind,

For sanity of mind…

Now, here we sit,

Some days, rather spent,

Putting the fatigue

In our battle fatigues- more than just a bit. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Yet, there’s also a hint of a gleam,

A fresh sheen glimmering on the old dream.

And, I admit, I love the new light in your eyes

As the adult begins emerging,

Shockingly wise,

Gently choosing which childish ways to nudge aside,

Judiciously picking

Youthful character traits

And new responsibilities to begin merging.

Yet, it’s sometimes hard to see

How my part in all this seems to be…


And I wonder where my role

Pencils in best now,

Just what spaces are still light

And which are meant to become

More subtle shading.

Ah, but, then I stumble yet on the moments

I catch the searching wobble

Hidden in your grown man’s voice.

And I see there are areas

Where there lends yet a tint

Of mother’s Godly guidance as

You survey your many, often

Overwhelming choices.

The becoming is hard, I know.

I’ve done it.

Still doing it, as life takes me to and fro. ๐Ÿ˜

But, I am here, battle-fatigue ready,

Hoping all the best for you, son,

Praying on Him you’ll stand steady,

Prepared for a long and beautiful run.

And, in that, I am reminded how true

It is that roles don’t actually diminish;

They only change shape and hue.

For, we mothers never truly finish,

We only step back from the crib

And, in the Lord’s strength,

Learn to await His ever reliable cues.

Thanks for reading, dear friends! Blessings and prayers! And, look- comment box! ๐Ÿ˜Thanks, WP, for at least giving me a new trick to outwit this bug messing with my discussion settings! ๐Ÿ˜Š

45 thoughts on “Shades of Motherhood

      1. I work with an autistic guy. Heโ€™s almost too low functioning. Others who know nothing about autism just call him super weird…. so I understand the concern. And college is a wild place to begin with..

        So he could use a prayer for himself and of course his anxious parents and Iโ€™m very sure a very worried mom. ๐Ÿ™‚

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      2. Oh, cool! Yep. We’ve heard the word weird more than once, but, overall, he actually does function pretty well, especially in the area of engineering, which is his hopeful major. The college he’s looking at is a small Christian one with some decent sounding supports in place. We’re rather picky like that. That said, I agree- college life can be a whole different world! We definitely all need the prayers!

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      3. Thatโ€™s awesome! And that sounds like good preparation for your sons future!

        Iโ€™m weird by birth and I guess choice lol!! So I guess weird is subjective..

        I will continue to remember yโ€™all!

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  1. I raised three girls, almost entirely by myself (long story there). Emptying the nest is not for the weak. All three are doing very well, even though I still “want” to hover. I guess that feeling will never fade. Well done, Marisa.

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    1. Ah, yes. I definitely understand the on your own part. After my first husband left, I spent seven years on my own with my older three before God brought my current husband into our lives. It’s amazing what the Lord brings us through. Launching from the nest is indeed quite a daunting task, but I know the Lord that’s carried us thus far will keep doing so. Thanks so much for reading and sharing here, Alan! Blessings! โ˜บ

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