Hi, friends! I know this is unusual for my posting schedule ( do I really have one? ๐Ÿค”) and style, but there are times God sets a person or a story or both in your path that is a bit different yet so relatable, you simply must break with the usual to see where He wants to take you.

Sarah Walton is such a person with such a story.

From the pain of chronic illness to the struggle of raising special needs to the pinch of major financial need- and maintaining faith in the Lord all the while, this story echoes with amazing familiarity in my heart.

Firstly, if you are not following her blog, Set Apart, I highly recommend it!

I leave every post so blessed by the honesty and Godly wisdom.

Secondly, she and her husband, Jeff, have a wonderful-sounding book coming out shortly. I eagerly await the opportunity to read it! Follow the link to find out more…


I know my reach is fairly small potatoes to the world’s eye, but I trust the Lord will help take this where it needs to go.

Prayers and blessings, dear friends! If you feel so led, pass the word on…

11 thoughts on “Our Story (A Reblog)

  1. Some people love celebrities and sports players etc… but the story of the โ€œaverage joeโ€ is more remarkable than anyone else. Because those are the stories of survival and actual extraordinary achievements.

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  2. New here and saying hello and will look into Set Apart! Your heading here drew me in since I feel writing for GOD is all about HIM……we are just HIS instrument to get the words out there. And HIS words never come back void. So good to meet you! And blessings on all of your writing here for the LORD!

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    1. Hi, heavensreef! I really like your name! Pleasure to meet you! Amen, it’s about HIM! Thanks so much for reading and sharing those great thoughts! Hope you enjoy Set Apart as well! Blessings back to you! โ˜บ


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