When we first receive Christ, our joy abounds, doesn’t it? But, life has a way of going on and we have a way of forgetfulness. Sometimes, we can go along without even realizing how much we are lacking when we neglect to seek the Living Water…

In the beginning,

It was like the freshness of dawn


Your joy bubbled like water

Flowing on and on;

Glowing in me a love so bright,

So endearing…

Then, somehow, the morning’s


Moving on….

One motion to the next,

Emotions rising increasingly


Harder to catch my breath to


Refreshing stretches a further

Breadth away;

Day takes on a glaring shade


And I find with a start

I am staring into a drying


Sitting in my tongue-furred haze,

I finally realize I’ve lost the drive

To fill myself with Your praise.

.Oh, Lord, bring me back to the

Streams from heaven’s door!

Restore to me the

Softer sunbeams of before!

Funny how easy it is to become

Absolutely dehydrated,

And allow it to carry on

Almost unabated…

Takes some time sometimes

To recognize my thirst.

Lord, please help me to


To drink in Your presence first…

May we indeed remember to seek His presence above all and stay hydrated in Him! Blessings and prayers, dear friends! Thanks for reading!

13 thoughts on “Dehydrated

  1. Very insightful, Marisa. I find that as we get older, we go through cycles of arid and well-watered. Hence, the importance of your next-to-last sentence: “May we indeed remember to seek His presence above all and stay hydrated in Him!”

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  2. Amen. And beautiful. I’m learning to appreciate the distinctive uniqueness in others poetry. The temptation is there to read and feel that mine pales in comparison. I write quite simply. Whereas others pull magnificent sounding phrases out of the air. Lol. But it comes from the heart, right? Comparison is terrible. I know this is a totally random response and off topic, but it came to mind because having a Poetry blog means that you read others poetry as well. I had to take my thoughts captive as I read your poem because it was so beautuful. But that just means that my eyes we’ren’t on Jesus. They were on me and my insecurities. Yeah, learning to rest in Him is a tough lesson for me. One day at a time. One challenging thought at a time I guess. More time mediating on Him is definitely needed.

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    1. Aww, you are too kind!😊 ❤️Thank you for sharing so openly, Tina! Believe me, I know exactly your thoughts here. I have many of the same struggles. It’s taken years and several different attempts at blogging to write this freely and without my insecurities running away with me. I personally enjoy your work very much! There’s lots of great insights in your work. I think He gives us each our own styles that are beautiful in their own ways. That way, we learn from each other. At any rate, so glad this spoke to you. Blessings, friend! ☺

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      1. Yes, exactly we learn from the differences. They can definitely help to balance us out. And our different styles may be more relateable to certain types of people than others, which is something I need to keep in mind. We can fill a niche.

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  3. Beautifully penned. At moments of my dry spell spiritually, I have found myself reminiscing and longing to feel that zeal that I felt when I first received Christ. But just preserving through that time ( with help from others) and pursuing Him gets me back on track.
    Blessings 😊💙

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