Hey, there, people. Just a bit of housekeeping, really. 😏

First things first-I am not disappearing. I repeat: I am NOT disappearing! The title says for a time, after all! 🙂

To vanish for good is something I refuse to do after all the wrestling matches I have had with my writing!

However, lately, I am recognizing the need for an extended break stirring restlessly in my soul.

And instead of packing up my play things, pressing the delete button, and scurrying off for a year or two as in blogs past, I am choosing to be proactive…

The fact is, I believe the Lord’s wooing me to a period of quiet, a deeper, more purposeful digging in the Word (Please pray as I seek the time for such! My life has not often been conducive to uninterrupted study, as some may recall! 😉).

It’s not always the easiest thing to acknowledge, but I think it happens to all of us at one time or another, this pressing need to steal away from the busy, even if some of that busy be positive.

To truly, deeply tune in to the voice of Jesus, there are simply times we must tune out the clamor of the world.

It’s even harder to acquiese to the time surrender required- even to some things you might really like- to assuage our need.

Not to mention, it’s just plain tough sometimes to continuously spin your heart into words and extend them to an audience, albeit a very kind, amazingly supportive audience of dear family in Christ such as I see all of you as. ❤️

So…I am officially taking a break from here-writing, reading, all of it. ( I am very regretful for the reading part. I gain so much from each of you and don’t like to feel as if I am neglecting to support your work! Know you will be ever in my thoughts and prayers.)

Now, I haven’t set a time for this sabbatical’s conclusion as of yet, but I am imagining at least a few weeks.

It doesn’t really do to limit time with God or bargain with Him on what He asks of me!

So, with that, I will say see you all in a while. Blessings and prayers! Looking forward to seeing what He has to show me and hopefully sharing with you down the road! 🙂

20 thoughts on “Parting Ways…for a Time…

  1. I will miss you too but I’m excited to see how the Lord grows you. That prompting from Him is never something to ignore and His sweet gracious pursuit of us always leads to something beautiful if we surrender ❤️🙏

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  2. Enjoy the rest! God always blesses moments when we deliberately tune out the clutter and noise to really spend time soaking in His presence and Word. Looking forward to hearing more from you later!

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