Hello, folks. I keep thinking I should have something further to say by now.

Something beautiful.

Something comforting.

Something profound.

Something wise.

And, yet, in this crazy yet rather apt time I chose to steal away, all I can really say is…God is God.

He is ever in control, ever directing the course of our lives, ever speaking.

Would that we would heed to that control, trust that direction, listen to His voice!

I truly believe this is a unique opportunity to allow ourselves to be arrested where we are-quite literally-and look to Him and Him alone for our answers.

We can stock our pantry, our medicine cabinet, our-ahem-paper goods.

We can don a mask, sanitize our physical spaces, scrub our hands till they are pruny.

We can Skype or Zoom our woes, play board games till we are bored stiff, and all figure out how to impromptu home school.

We can look for a financial boost to tide our bank accounts over.

But-if we neglect to surrender our hearts to His scrubbing, to admit we all of us desperately need it?

Well, then, the efforts are all for naught.

For, all the outward cleanliness and carefulness in the world cannot save us in the end.

Only in recognizing that only Jesus saves will we truly get anywhere.

I don’t pretend to know His plan with all this, the exact hows or the whens of absolution in this present crisis.

But, I do know through scripture the ultimate absolution-

Christ is returning for His own and we are nearer now than before.

I pray we are setting our eyes to the sky, seeking and welcoming this happening, encouraging others to do the same.

Thanks for reading, friends! Though I do count myself back, I will likely not be back in the same frequency as before. With our state’s school closed for the rest of the year, He has gifted me with the chance of much more concentrated time with my dear children and I aim to use it to His glory. ☺ Know that my prayers and thoughts are ever with you all!

25 thoughts on “Scrubbing Our Hearts

  1. Nice hearing from you Marisa! This is a great time to focus more on the Lord and family. He is in control. Praying God continues to bless and keep you and your family. Blessings, be safe my friend! ❤️

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  2. Well said Marisa! God is in control and all the outward prep and cleaning will amount to nothing if our hearts are not surrendered to God. May we use this time to point to Him and give Him glory.
    Stay safe 😊💙

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      1. I myself am all about the surrender. I lived too many years of this life with the attitude. “I’ve got it Lord, I’ll call ya if I run into a problem!” Your encouragement draws our eyes to not just look for Him but fully depend, at every moment, with every breath, on the Most intimate relationship with the Lover of our souls!!!

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      2. Yes, I can definitely relate to all you’ve said there! I’m so glad He could use my words to encourage you! Amen-He is the only one He can fully depend on and the Lover of our souls! Thanks so much for sharing here! Being able to extend fellowship across the miles in these hard times is so vital! 😊


  3. Amen, Cindy! It is a bit of a balancing act with homeschooling the kids, but, it’s also an excellent opportunity to instill more of the Word in them as well. I am striving to look at this time as a gift. Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts, Cindy! Blessings and prayers to you, friend!


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