Hello, there, friends. Impromptu home school has completed, I officially have a high school graduate, and we all remain well and busy. Finally got Zoom to work (sort of) and managed a few Brady Bunchish youth group meetings. Yay!

Last week, our small church was finally able to meet in person with some of the necessary adjustments.

I had the thrill of my two musical kiddos back to doing Praise Team just in time for Mother’s Day.❤

So…some changes are smoothing out…yet writing, my dear companion, has remained somewhat elusive.

Time continues to weigh in and snatch the quiet hours from my hand.

And then…today…

This morning, I had still been ruminating on what God would have me to share next and in what form. I was feeling kind of in a funk about it, to be frank.

And, then, the second Sunday our congregation was back together, the man we as a family have looked up to for spiritual encouragement and truth for the past six years stood at the pulpit today and decided it for me, with the hand of God firmly nudging the whole situation, naturally.

With all the humble honesty we have come to know and appreciate, our beloved pastor announced that after a month or more of resistance, he went to the emergency room to deal with ongoing pain struggles he had kept between himself and his wife.

After tests, it was discovered he has stage 4 cancer, affecting his prostate, bladder, lymph nodes, and already beginning to steal into his bones.

It was devastating news for us, to be sure, but nothing compared to what we imagine he is currently grappling with.

Of course, he requested prayer for both himself and his wife, one of the kindest women I have ever known and a constant help to my children.

If you feel so led, please feel free to add them to your prayer lists. Their names are Don and Deb.

But, that is not the bulk of what I want to share, really, as important as that is.

Instead, I want to draw on what he did following the announcement.

He proceeded with his sermon from the gospel of Mark, specifically about the calling of Simon Peter and Andrew.

About following Jesus.

From heart-stopping news to the Good News.

I could go on and on about how in awe I am at the bravery that took to keep stepping, keep sharing, keep pastoring today.

No one would’ve faulted him stepping away for this Sunday, if not longer.

Many have had to face that surrender and are certainly not lesser for it!

Yet…there he was today, pressing on.

However, I cannot help but be mindful of the humbleness and the striving to just share Jesus that fuels the soul of this man.

It spurs me on to the heart of the matter.

For, what could be expounded on in rich detail and complex emotion can also be summed up in the key phrase he shared with us today.

The same Jesus shared all those years ago with two rough fishermen from Galilee.

The same our Lord shares with us today:

“Come, follow Me.”

I am sure it wasn’t a simple decision to do that today, as many days are not, but we as a congregation got a great example of what that can look like.

No one has any idea yet where this journey will take Don, Deb, and our church. We all know evidence points to an arduous trek.

But, it also points to one not made alone.

Not when you are following Jesus.

Prayers and blessings, dear friends! Thanks for reading a small piece on a very dear person in my family’s world. I hope this finds you all well!

22 thoughts on “Following Jesus

  1. What a wonderful example pastor Don is as he did not let what he is going through rob him of the chance to do what God has purposed him to do-share and teach about following Jesus.
    I pray that the Lords hand of healing will be upon Don and that He would strengthen them and provide for whatever they need as they walk through this.

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    1. Thank you so much, Renee! Yes, our hearts are definitely saddened, but so grateful to have a God who strengthens us. I know we witnessed that strength today and will continue to see it. Blessings!


  2. I will pray for your pastor, his wife, you and your church family. Only God knows where this journey will end, but you can be confident He will be with all of you in the days ahead. ❤️

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