Update on Pastor Don: On Sunday, before delivering another great, encouraging sermon, he noted this week he is to be meeting with his doctors to work out the best strategy for his cancer. He and Deb welcomed two of their three kids home to be support in this time and expect their eldest to arrive in July, barring travel complications. They are very grateful for your prayers, as am I.

And as to my thoughts for today, they came in poem again after my dry spell, complete with a scribbling. 😊

Headlines Worth Reading

Another day

Jumping into the fray.

Scroll the ever regurgitating feed,

Sound the toll of the ever burgeoning need.

Headlines scream out impending doom.

Clouds deem themselves bent for gloom.

So automatic to think on the endless cares;

Easy ‘twould be to sink in the depths of despair.

And YET…

He who created us and this spinning ball

Is still there

Ever present and ever aware.

Loving us, guiding us on, seeing us through.

And from the dark, the diseased existence of it all,

He snaps the fingers of dawn,

Painting beauty anew;

In the Sonrise,

A headline worth reading

In a world hungry for what’s true!

Oh, He is so good, friends! May you live this day and always in light of this truth. Blessings and prayers to you! Thanks for reading! ❀

13 thoughts on “Headlines Worth Reading

  1. Good afternoon, Marisa, what a powerful contrast of mood in your poem! You speak truth, sister. Though despair would be easy, our God is everything good. Clinging to Him these days. Have a beauty-full rest of Tuesday. Love in Christ, Julie

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  2. Lovely poem. Ah, your name is Marrisa? I’m always affraid to ask. Why I don’t know. More insecurity. I’m working on it. ☺


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