A short poem on my thoughts concerning the current state in Minneapolis, Georgia, and everywhere else evil has its death grip…

Hatred bares its monstrous teeth,

Snarling its cancerous unbelief…

Nonsensical anger snuffs out a life,

Retaliating rage amplifies these ugly flames of strife.

Baser instincts prevail; chaos reigns…

Oh, but, nothing can such begat but further pain!

Lord Jesus, how desperately we need Your hand!

Humanity’s sickness and sin is beyond all we can understand!

May we see the only way to cope is found best

In He in whom our only hope rests!

Oh, my friends, hold on tight to Him! The days are evil and, if we know our Bible, it’s going to get worse before it gets better. But, when we know that in Jesus, all will be well, because in Him is the ultimate victory, we can still be encouraged. Blessings and prayers! Thanks for reading!

14 thoughts on “Of Hatred and Hope

  1. Hi Marisa, thank you for speaking life into this world. I, too, have turned to poetry in prayer. Just haven’t posted any to the blog yet. Yes, hold tight to Jesus. The class I lead is called Deepening Our love for Him. It is SO important because as Scripture says … the end times will be more evil than we see now. May Our God of peace be with you, sister.

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  2. Thanks for sharing this poem Marisa! I believe too things will be getting worse per the Bible and I’m thankful we have God’s protection over our lives.

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