Latest on Pastor Don: This is such a hard write-up, my friends. I can think of only one that’s likely going to be harder.

The progression of the cancer is profound and rapidly progressing, as is his pain. At this point, he and Deb are sure he is near his end here on earth. He can eat little, which is a heartwrenching thing to witness in anyone, but especially in one known to eat with gusto.

He cannot get out of bed except to go to the restroom and the strength for even that is fast fading.

He is understandably reluctant for hospice, but it’s looking like this is where his need is at.

It’s honestly devastating to watch one so strong become so fragile. But, then, we all are if we will admit to it.

In all this, reliance on the Lord is his and Deb’s hope and stay. They deeply appreciate all the prayers and want you to know they can definitely feel them! Thank you.❤

A small, spur-of-the-moment poem for you, friends. Well, mostly for me, as processing generally lands me here, but, it also helps the heart immensely to share…

We Cannot Always

So often, thoughts will bubble to

The surface of the brain

Only to pop or settle back down

An unreachable drain…

I have many such moments

Throughout my day;

Many things that never quite have their say.

They begin with “coulds”,

An awful lot of “shoulds”,

But too often end in being tucked away,

To be examined through the deceitful veil

Of “I can always…”.

That phrase of procrastination

That causes little but consternation

Not to mention an inescapable frustration

Of pent-up plans and dashed dreams,

Of unextended hands and undiscovered streams.

We say we can “always” go and do later on

As if all will ever keep clicking along untroubled,

But, one must only take a cursory glance to know

Even craters eventually crumble and blow away, gone.

And so goes the unanswered thought bubbles.

Perhaps, this is what regret tastes of:

All bitterness and bile on my tongue.

Ah, but God in His infinite wisdom and eternal love

Cannot leave me dangling on that unproductive rung.

Instead, He sweeps the past like so much dust,

Guiding me gently to places of deeper trust.

Kindly agreeing in, “Yes, we cannot always….

At least, not here in this earthly suit, my child.

For, eventually, labors cease for each someday.

Time comes to examine the fruit,

To shed these cumbersome boots

And dance in the beautiful undefiled.

Free at last of decay

In that which will go on for always…”

Friends, in these hard times of various trials and heartbreak, may we rest ever in the knowing where there isn’t really any reliable “always” here on earth, there is one surpassing our wildest dreams in the life beyond. May we live for Him here to the fullest each day while looking forward to what is to come! Blessings and prayers! Thanks for reading! 🙂❤

24 thoughts on “We Can’t Always

  1. I’m sorry to hear about the heartache and pain of Pastor Don’s ordeal with cancer. Prayers for him, his family and yourself are going up. Your poetry, as always, is so beautiful. It reminds me of the poetry I’ve read in old books. This is a good thing! I love those lovely hearfelt poems.

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