Not what I want to be posting right now. I will get back to the fun “how we met” story. But this must be shared.

A quick word for my wonderful prayer warriors-Pastor Don is continuing to go downhill. Deb has requested we pray he goes quickly if that is God’s will. He is in so much pain.

This is so hard. He has been such a father figure to us. But, we love him so much we just want him to be free.

And praise the Lord we know he will be in Him!

Thank you so much friends for your continued prayers, support, and love! ❤

I will keep you posted.

22 thoughts on “Pastor Don Update

      1. Oh, thanks for the heads up! I will definitely have to check that out. Prayers are much appreciated. My heart has a lot of heaviness of late, but, I am striving to remember God is good!

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  1. Beautiful post, I wanted to seek your support as I look forward to build a community of prayer warriors, would you like to join me online?
    here’s a link to my channel where I plan to post prayers like the one posted online, please visit, subscribe and let’s start praying for greater manifestations of God’s goodness and mercy for us, for our families, for our followers and for our community

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