Read about Elijah the other day in his fleeing of Jezebel and listening for God. In the tempests both within and without this week, this was born. Figured it was worth a share…

Not in the rumble,

The tumbling down of stone.

Oh, how the ear strains in my stumble…

To snatch at thunderous voice resounding…

Monsterous choice to lean on flames

Forever pounding

Or to steal into the quiet cave,

Await the peace You generously gave.

And respond but to the gentlest of whispers,

Wrap my cloak about me

As You and I discuss what’s been

And what’s yet to occur.

Ah, trust how elusive!

Yet, I know it’s freedom You yet give.

By tenderness we are fed

Even when brutal violence demands blood be shed.

Somehow, the two though seeming to oppose,

Into twain in Your hands have arose.

Keep speaking the soft words to my troubled heart, Lord.

As in these ugly, calloused times we must ford….

Thanks for reading, dear ones. Keep listening for His voice. Hoping I can continue to do likewise. Blessings and prayers. ❤

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