Hello, my friends! It’s been a few again, hasn’t it?

I confess I have had somewhat a lack of inspiration lately-at least for my favorite deep, poetic word-painting.


It’ll return, I know. It always does.

But, just now, my mind is too stuffed to do more than simply unload.

Forgive me. ๐Ÿ™‚

A major part of that, I guess, is the busyness that has steadily crept up in my family of late.

These are big days in our corner of the world. Big days indeed.

Beautifully, dauntingly BIG.

For starters, our middle boy turned 16 late last month and the youngest turned 8 the other day.

Our fanfare may’ve been somewhat more limited than usual due to our country’s current circumstances, but both celebrations had their share of joy, pizza, and giant birthday cookie sugar rushes.๐Ÿ˜Š

Now, we are poised for our only daughter’s 8th grade promotion-a tradition in our community that was delayed along with so much else, but, now, allowed to continue as a safe, masked affair. Grateful for creative minds making something important still possible for our kiddos.

And, perhaps the biggest of all, we recently got to have a safe, socially distanced high school graduation for my oldest.

He will be off to college this very weekend, as it’s rather pertinent his engineering studies remain actually hands-on in classroom.

I am certainly feeling the emotions of this poem I shared earlier this year, let me tell you!

We have actually seen shifts in venue, shifts in decisions, shifts in circumstances even since then, but with equal measures nerves and excitement, ready he is to walk through the doors God has opened.

Ready are they all for various launches and changes.

And my husband and I?

Ah, jury’s still out, honestly! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Hard to believe so much is happening so swiftly!

My adorable bonus baby born of my second chance is now only two short years from double digits!

My sweet consolation prize autistic beauty is heading for high school!

My middle boy, my astonishingly mature little rock, is two short years from a graduation of his own!

And my eldest-this brilliant, oft-baffling one who started this whole crazy, amazing journey into motherhood in general and on the autism spectrum specifically, is fully adult and preparing to fly. ๐Ÿ˜ข

It takes the breath and any attempt at adequate words, my friends.

I am by turns proud and terrified.

The wheels in my brain roll to this concern and that thrill.

This hope and that fear.

This coming into their owns in this turbulent season alone is enough to set the mind reeling. ๐Ÿ˜ณ

At times, it even momentarily paralyzes me with a dozen tasks yet in hand!

But, then, in the midst of that comes the gentle reminder from the Father to place my reliance on Him.

He who wraps us all in His hands.

And I can push forward with that knowledge, then, keeping my step in time with His, trusting that He who began a good work in each of my dear ones will be faithful to complete it…

He can do no less, after all. He’s God. ๐Ÿ™‚

And, so He will do the same for us all, friends, when we rest in Him. Thanks for letting me unload a bit about our big days. Blessings and prayers! โค

Thought I’d share a few photos for a change…

P.S. Something else big- I noted I have made it past the one year mark with this particular blogging effort and have yet to want to close up shop and run. ๐Ÿ˜Š Believe me when I say that is HUGE for me! Thank you so much for being an integral reason I have had this breakthrough, dear friends! I pray we can continue to have many years of fellowship to come!โคโคโค

29 thoughts on “These Are Big Days

  1. Beautiful! Whether your thoughts, words, and emotions flow like a gushing river or are parchment dry, never forget you are loved! Wonderful pics, thank you for not shutting down your blog! I look forward to your posts! Love and blessings pretty lady!

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  2. Aww, thanks so much, Mandy! I am glad you liked the pics. You’re welcome! Glad to know you enjoy my words here. I am actually pretty excited to see I have gotten over some insecurity hurdles I had in past writing efforts. Shows God’s hand is guiding me. Love and blessings to you as well, beautiful friend! โค

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  3. Big days indeed for your family. As a mum it is hard to see your babies so grown up. Time flies doesnโ€™t it. Beautiful pictures.
    Keep on sharing your writing with us. I enjoy them very much and am blessed, encouraged and tickled by them.
    Love and hugs ๐Ÿค—

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  4. Such a proud mama and such big day! Congrats on all including the year of blogging. Have enjoyed the fellowship. Blessings to you and all of yours, Marisa. โค

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  5. Off to college, the heart that started momma on the journey of motherhood. Sweet sixteen, the heart of a strong mature rock. And how adorable, a baby girl. Crazy, yeah.. 8; double digits, too short… the years! Blessings indeed, may your heart forever be… full. God bless!

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      1. For some reason I feel like I owe you an apology. I feel like some way some how I might have offended you or something?

        Whatever it is, I apologize.

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      2. Not at all, my friend! It’s really nice to hear from you. I feel like I should apologize myself, mostly for not reading or writing as much here lately. I think of all of my friends-you included-often, but with this busyness and the sheer coping of the times we are in, my physical, emotional, and spiritual energy get sapped. But, know that even when I am not here or here but not overly talkative, you are very much prayed for, welcomed and loved, brother.

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      3. I was thinking something from one of my blogs or posts might have freaked you out or offended you. Youโ€™ve done nothing against me.

        I try to give everyone their space. Iโ€™m as talkative as ever but I donโ€™t want to be a pest.

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      4. It wasnโ€™t getting much attention other than strange people following. So I put it on private mode. Iโ€™m struggling to find a reason to keep this blog. Iโ€™m as discouraged as ever about it.

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      5. Ah, ok. I am sorry to hear that. I have been there. I admit my ability to find time to read has been spotty in the last several months, but, if it helps at all, I truly appreciate your posts. You point the readers to the truth of the Word, which is sorely needed. Where I certainly get how you feel, I pray you won’t give up on it, John.


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