Hello, friends. So far so good for our college boy. 🙂Mommy, however, is experiencing some unrelated kinks. A poem born from the trenches of this last week…

I think today

On the subject of faith.

And I have to wonder…

What have I to offer?

For my faith feels so meager most days, so frail-

Rags from a tattered old bag really.

Full of scraggly tears and gaping holes;

Not near enough to cover my sin-stained soul!

And I have to question-am I merely destined

To fall and to fail?

Oh, but when I know the Lord, friends,

Such queries, sooner or later, prove silly!

For I know His Word says

More than a conqueror I am;

Never forsake or leave me will He.

And to what do I owe this bright victory?

The fact His Son hung upon a tree…

For ragamuffin me.

And it’s sufficient, this infinite love

To stretch faith enough

To cover my weak humanity…

Praise God He covers us! May we embrace that fact as we navigate both the good and the tough days! Thanks for reading, friends! Blessings and prayers! ❤

17 thoughts on “Faith for the Ragamuffin

  1. I love your honest and heartfelt poem, Marisa. They are the very best kind. The reminder that the Lord can and does understand our human frailty is always a welcome reminder. He is so kind, understanding, and able to see us through to completion. ☺ ❤ Blessings and hugs to you sweet friend.

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    1. Thank you so much, Tina! I find we can get so much further with the Lord and help each other so much more when we our honest.Yes, what a comfort it is to know His kindness! Blessings to you as well, dear friend! 😊❤


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