Just some pontificating on my unfortunate tendency to attempt control over my little world, as framed through a writer’s perspective. Ironically, I wrestled a fair bit with pinning down the phrases for this one. Kept getting lost in the words. πŸ™‚

My Storymaker

Ah, my life-it often feels a long series,

One stumbly chapter to the next,

Where emotion both swells and


And the writer in me queries-

How best to play out a story

So complex?

Well, as I amass the content of my


And lay them all upon my lap,

I fall quite handily into my own

Control freakish ways

And never quite see the trap. 😏

For, in the desire to possess said


I must confess

It’s largely about this for which I am

Equal parts cursed and blessed:

Words. Glorious words.

How I love to weave them-

From the poignant to the absurd.

Words! Glorious words to aspire


Thereby propelling

Forward my intricate plans,

Thoughts of relinquishing authorship

Rarely occuring, compelling in me

The stress of trying to arrange things

Strand by painstaking strand. 😏

And so, I pick up the narrator’s pen

With relish,

Ready to begin, to tweak and to


Fresh page flipped open…

How shall I tell my tale?

How shall my life’s lines today


I sometimes think I know.

So I go to scribble down thoughts’


And only then do I note the troubles

That set in to grow…

Panic thumps my heart then,

As players and conversations away

From my hands spin.

Events take course in a direction

Wholly unintended.

And I feel all the worse for it-

Baffled, bereft, unfriended.

So…I attempt to crumple the errant

Papers of my existence,

Too spent to begin again with any

True sense.

Ah, but then comes the hand of my


To still my agitated own.

“Let Me, ” whispers the voice of He

Who is greater,

Smoothing out my wadded up life and

Reminding me I am not tinkering


For, He is to be my Storymaker,

He points out with a Father’s

Smiling tenderness,

Lovingly showing me where I have

Gone remiss.

With kind shepherd’s crook

He causes me to pause and look

At what He has written for me,

Chastening me, yes, but oh-so-gently,

And hastening me to His side,

The very best narrative there could


And so I surrender my pen, my

Beloved control

And leave the wordcraft of my soul

Wholly over to Him…

It’s difficult many times, but may we indeed surrender control of the stories of our lives over to the Lord, knowing He has the very best in mind for each of us. Thanks for reading, dear friends! Much love, many blessings and prayers! ❀

31 thoughts on “My Storymaker

  1. As a self confessed word nerd/control freak. I praise God daily that He is our Divine Director, Editor and Producer! I am thankful that our God is NOT the Author of confusion but rather the Author and Perfecter of our faith. You are loved, Marisa! I am thankful for your honesty and transparency! I strive to be/do the same!! Love and blessings pretty lady!

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    1. Yay! Fellow word nerd and control freak! 😊 Amen! Very grateful He is the Author and Perfector of our faith! Thank you so much, Mandy! Love and blessings to you as well, beautiful friend! ❀


  2. Beautiful Marisa. And I understand how difficult it can be to relinquish that control…overthinking….worrying. Yep, been there done that, haven’t wrote the book on it yet. πŸ˜ƒ Well, haven’t published any books on it. Probably have enough written to prove it though. πŸ˜„

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  3. This definitely got me thinking. Been trying to wrestle with if life is about following signs to the life God wants us to follow or if it’s about making our own leaps of faith, taking the decisions ourselves and then looking for the signpost about if God thinks it’s the right decision we have made or not.

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    1. Glad it could inspire some thinking!That is certainly a big question to wrestle with. I personally believe, as contradictory as it sounds, that somehow both exist at the same time. Since He is omniscient, He knows what decisions we will make and puts out signposts, yet, He has given us free will. He wants us to choose Him and the things He has for us willingly.

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