Hello, friends. A bit of honesty here. Today is just…gray. And I admit I just feel it. I figure if there were times King David had to do this, I have to allow myself to have these times, too…


Where did the sun go?

Wonders the mind sliding down slow

Into the deepness of the gathering gloom.

Clouds draw overhead tight

Yet spread out fat,

Making day seem the gray nearest night

And the patch of earth I’m on dull and flat.

And here we are again it seems…

Fall crawls again

And the chill sets in.

I should be admiring the skinned knee trees,

Or, at least, the changing hues of the maple leaves.

But, today, Lord help me, I’m tired.

Almost wholly uninspired.

Want to tell everyone about the joy that yet resides

Further on to the core inside.

Yet the chore of living today

Has got my doldrums most on display,

My joints aching and all reason for laughter going astray…

Welcome to the nagging scratch

Of a depressive sort of day,

Oppressive in its tap-you-on-the-back-of-the-noggin way.

Ick. Yet, somehow, I know I will yet catch

Some bit of a lighter sunset ray

When I sit down and recall

The strength that summons itself

When I take it all

To my Father’s throne

And remind myself

No, Marisa, really and truly-you are not alone…

Thanks for reading, dear friends! Hugs and prayers! ❤

26 thoughts on “Looking for the Lighter Ray

  1. Thank you for sharing this Marisa, it just reminds me that it is ok to share and allow oneself to express it when you are just feeling a bit grey.
    May you feel the Lord a little extra close at this time.
    Blessings my friend 💙

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    1. And thank you for reading, Manu! I agree. Expressing these things helps us through the process! I appreciate your kind words here. I know He is near. I can definitely feel His presence. Blessings to you as well, my friend! ❤

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  2. This is such a good description of what those kinds of days are like, Marissa.
    I remember reading about the four personality types and examples of each. It seemed that the most creative people were what they called “melancholy.” I think Alan’s right, often our best writing comes from the dark times. I for one feel better after writing, though. I hope you do, too.

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  3. Writing, poetry, and prayer are therapeutic! Your honesty makes for a brighter day! We should not pretend, then we can never get the encouragement we need. Thanks and pray you to accept the process and allow the Lord, your heavenly father to hug you!

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    1. Aww, that’s sweet, DeborahMarie! Unfortunately, it’s mid- late October in Kansas so…we have drizzly gray for a while. 😏 But, been bathing myself in light of the SON and I know He is here. At any rate, thank you and blessings, my friend! ❤

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      1. I live in your neighboring state, Oklahoma, but I’m a born and raised Jayhawk! It’s been gray and drizzly here, too. I’m happy to hear you’re sticking close to the Son’s Light!

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      2. Cool! I was born in Oklahoma and my parents moved there again several years ago! I can pretty much anticipate what we are getting up here Oklahoma is getting, too. Thanks! So grateful He is always here for us! 😊

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