Hey, friends. It’s been a bit again since I shared a song. This one is pulled from early childhood memories. My dad, the quiet, unassuming metalhead, had discovered Christian music shortly after I was born. This song was a distinct departure from his usual, but one he fell in love with and therefore couldn’t stop playing.

Its tune captured my young self over time and then, life happened and memory of it shifted to the background until a couple of years ago.

We had had an awesome day of Goodwill finds, including a fairly nice turntable. I was excited to begin recollecting vinyl and chatted with my folks about it. Next thing I knew, my mom and dad were combing through their collection to pass some on to me.

Harvest was among the ones Dad shared, which I politely took without quite remembering it yet. I took it home and, honestly, put it away for a time, more entranced by the classic rock mom had chosen to give me 😏 ( Hey, CCR is another huge part of my childhood soundtrack. It was hard to resist the unique sound of their “I Heard it Through the Grapevine” on that turntable.).

And that was that for a time.

But, something in me one morning was drawn to straightening my collection…maybe because they were overflowing my makeshift shelves. 😁And, I picked up the Harvest album among the others and perused the titles, trying again to recall much about them.

And, then, all at once, the melody came back to me. I simply had to put it on then and there. And I was instantly drawn in again, reminded of the sheer beauty and truth in the story woven, sung and played in such a gloriously heartfelt manner.

For He is the resurrection and the life indeed! The joy and the hope of knowing that is beyond measure! It buoys the spirit on the bleakest of days!

Something sorely needed in this dark and troubled world.

And, so, I pray you enjoy, my friends.

That your hope of everlasting life through Jesus is lifted and your faith is affirmed by this incredible truth.

Blessings and prayers to you! ❤

14 thoughts on “Watch “Harvest – “Because I Am”” on YouTube

  1. It’s so hard for us to understand a Messiah that doesn’t show up on time and rescue us from everything. In fact in the case of Lazarus He shows up late and cries. I’d never heard this song before. Thanks for sharing.

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    1. Yes, I can understand those feelings so well! To me, it wasn’t that He wasn’t on time, though. It was that He wasn’t on Mary’s timetable but His own-to serve a larger purpose in showing us His resurrection power, key to believing in His own resurrection down the road. What a tough thing it must’ve been to wrap their heads around! You’re most welcome! Thanks for listening and sharing, Melanie! Blessings! ❤

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      1. I agree that He was right on time. I think though that He was showing that He is not committed to shielding us from grief and he shares in grief Himself. Absolutely no resurrection without a cross. Calling us to take up our cross and not just take up our resurrection.

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