Frankly, finding myself terribly weary of sussing out truth in this inherently deceitful world. Just some thoughts scribbled down on the matter, plus a much-needed cry to our God to remind us that only in reliance on Him can any actual truth ever be known…

Truth is such a slippery thing these


So much foolish frippery being added

To the words we say.🙄

Wills mangled by the rancorous and

The tight-fisted;

Society’s ills strangle the night as

Peace gets twisted.

Honesty a virtue to which so many

May lay claim.

Yet so few pay the dues, pitching aside

Any real blame.

We defy integrity with the lie of its


And hide under the guise of harmless


A pleasing narrative becomes the

Treasured thing

And it tragically matters not whether

It possesses a trustworthy ring.

Tampering becomes but a noble


Facts? A pesky fly to crush beneath

Your boot.

Newspeak puddles upon newspeak,

Serves its purpose in muddling the

Ability to think.

And, pretty soon, the good news of

Our Lord for us

Slides from our fingers, forgotten

As we neglect to examine the

Lingering spoon before us

To check whether what we’re being

Fed is rotten.

Oh, Father, we are much more frail

And feeble-minded

Than any of us will venture to admit


Oh, how we need to be reminded

Of the sincerity found only in You!

Above a world so unwieldy and so


Help us seek Your words and

Yours alone!

Unfurl once again bright hopes to

The searching, the meek

And let Your truths once more

Provide the light to atone!

Friends, in this increasingly dismaying and dishonest world may we indeed seek the truths found in Him and Him alone! Blessings and prayers! Thanks for reading my scribbles! 😊❤

15 thoughts on “Truth

  1. You are certainly right! Jesus ALWAYS knows best. It’s tough at times to accept that truth when we go through the fire, but He never lets us walk alone. He is always in the fire with us! 🙌🏼 I totally love that song and have sang it many times, as well, around my home. Thanks for sharing it!

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