Hey, friends. A quick update. Our little community has finally felt the effects of this virus and we are back in remote land at least through the beginning of next year-all except our IEPers, including my sweet daughter. She will be able to continue on site with her para so she can get that personal attention that helps her succeed. Very grateful-as is she!

My college boy for his part has continued to do so well, constantly defying the stereotypes around his autism. He also has been able to continue in person, a rather important consequence of the hands-on learning in his engineering studies (can’t transfer use of 3-D printers to online schooling, for example.😏).

This leaves two at-home kiddos for me. One 16-going-on-42-year old boy who will likely regale me on his breaks with the latest oldie he’s learned on the bass guitar and one infinitely creative 8-year-old boy who could spend all day building and drawing me cool stuff, but will likely need a lot of mama coaxing on the paperwork side of things. So…there’s that. Again. Sigh.

In addition to that, we have been consumed with a lot of tough family business.

This prevailing illness finally hit not just our community but also brought my husband’s grandmother’s time on earth to a close.

She was 93, with a scrappy reputation for so long, but, in the last year or so, had been descending into a dementia we’d anticipated would take her soon as it was.

Where I would never dream to call such a thing as dementia a positive, it amazingly proved the way God could reach her heart.

How, if her mind was going? some might rightfully ask.

Well, you see, she spent most of her life not merely scrappy, but also bitterly anti-faith. A church had burned her once long ago and that had effectively shut down any thoughts of God.

Yet, as her mind had begun to slip, something in her countenance changed.

She became receptive to the family’s “Jesus Talk” as she once disdainfully called it.

She talked of the joys of being a child and remembered better Sunday School days learning of scriptures and salvation.

She became that child again in lots of ways and, in so doing, the door opened so she could receive Jesus as such, the resistance she harbored all those years melting away in recognition of His infinite goodness to her. I truly believe she was resting in that truth as she went.

We are no less sad to have lost her to this world, yet…

Now, we know we have not lost her for good. We will see her on the other side. The comfort of this lifts the sorrow and reminds us of the joy to come.

And that we should never stop praying for our loved ones to come to salvation!

His ways are so far above ours it defies description!

I guess that about sums it up at this point as far updates go.

I tend to come and go as able these days, anyway, but fair warning-I will be fairly silent on here for an extended time as I place my energies into guiding my youngest.

As well as helping my husband with the business, which has hit some huge time crunches in the last few weeks. That could certainly use some prayer…not only that we can see the work to completion, but also that a) my body stays cooperative to the task and b) I can be of some level of use to him.

It is safe to say being married to a handyman has expanded my vocabulary enough that I know what a flange and flashing are, but it really hasn’t changed my aptitude. 😏

Still…I can always hand tools as long as I know which doohickey he is after. 😁

Well…hope this finds you all well in your respective worlds, my friends. Keep the faith! Much love and many prayers! ❤

36 thoughts on “Updates

  1. So glad they are making exceptions for your children. You’re right, there are certain things that just can’t be duplicated on line.
    What a fantastic story about your husband’s grandmother! It shows that God will reach people any way He chooses, and yes, we shouldn’t give up on them as long as they have breath. Have a blessed Christmas season.

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  2. Hi Marisa, I too have been in and out after my last long break. I join you in praising God for drawing your family member back to Himself during dementia. Yes, may we never lose hope in praying for other’s salvation. I am praying as I type for your family business, kids education and His protection from the virus. We in our house were exposed over Thanksgiving. Now wondering if all or any of us have it as we self-quarantine. Praying Psalm 91 and Psalm 56. Love in Him, Julie

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    1. Hi, Julie! How nice to see you here! Thank you for praising God with me and we definitely appreciate the prayers! And you certainly have mine as well! I pray you and your family are protected from the virus and able to walk in good health and His joy! Blessings and love! ❤

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  3. Hi Marisa. Tremendous and encouraging account of your husband’s grandmother’s salvation. Talk about 11th hour! Amazing how the Lord can work, and, as you said, a great reminder how we should never stop praying for our loved ones. Blessings, young lady.

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  4. Truly an incredible story of how God drew your husband’s grandmother to Him. His ways are amazing isn’t it. We indeed should never stop praying.
    May God give you what you need to be your hubby’s helper, your Childrens guide and coaxer to complete homework and in the midst of all this some much needed rest and time just for you.
    Blessings to you Marissa 💙

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  5. Thanks for sharing this update Marisa. Thankful things are working out for your children with school and that your husband’s grandma gave her heart to Jesus. That’s amazing news! We should never stop praying for unsaved loved ones. Praying things work out with the business and that God continues to keep your family safe and supply your needs. Blessings! ❤️

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    1. Hi, Dawn! You’re welcome and thank you for reading and for the prayers! They are so appreciated! Yes, I marvel at His goodness and thrill to know she is with Jesus! Amen. We should never give up! Thanks again and blessings! ❤

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  6. I’m so glad your kiddos are thriving in their studies! 👏🏼 So sad about your hubby’s grandmother, but so thankful for a loving God who knows just how to turn things around! Sorry she had a bad experience with church. At least at the end, God moved her into the place for her to see that it’s that personal relationship we have with Jesus that matters most. I’m so thankful she found healing in that area, and somehow she was able to let go of whatever it was that happened with her. So comforting to your family.

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    1. So glad to encourage you! We are deeply grateful for her change of heart. Yes, indeed, there is hope! I will definitely keep your mother-in-law in prayer.! May she see the goodness of the Lord and turn her heart to Him!


      1. Thank you! Her name is Sheila… sometimes it’s easier to pray for a person by name, isn’t it. She lives in the UK. My wife was due to visit in the summer, but the coronavirus put paid to that. Still Sheila writes us several letters each week and my wife phones her for an hour each week too. We’re in Japan BTW.

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      2. Yes, having a name is very helpful! I understand well how it is. Many of our visits have been curtailed as well. Glad there are ways to stay in contact! Oh, ok. Our church has missionaries in Japan. 🙂

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