Hello, there, dear friends!

I just realized I kind of unintentionally halted my song sharing here.

And me with so many more on my list that this sort of thing could go on for many years to come! šŸ˜

Anyway, looking to knock another one off my list starting now…

The one I chose this time around is another favorite of our little youth group. We have recently been able to get back to gathering in person (Yay!). This was definitely high on the request list.

Oh, my, what an extra sweet joy it was to listen to those kiddos raise their instruments and their voices in praise this past week! It was like a warm blanket wrapping around us all, securing us to Him in an insecure time.

I think we all need that right now, that reminder there is One who is greater.

To remember He is there to equip us broken with more than we can dream…

Anyway, hope you enjoy.

Blessings and prayers! ā¤

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