Yes, back to share another song.

What, Marisa?

This quickly? You usually space them out…

Ok, yes, I know. But, I was honestly in a soul searching sort of mood this evening.

Everyone else is busy. So, I turned to some music from my early twenties.

And I recalled why this song meant so much to me then and why it is still so significant today.

For holiness, faithfulness, and brokenness are far too absent in us right now.

Seeking His will above our own is missing in action as well.

As a world.

As a nation.

As those who profess the holy name of Jesus.

We have forgotten how to take up this cry for much too long in our brash, shoot-our-mouths-off-as-we-please, push-and-shove-for-our-way society.

May we learn to take it up again, Lord!

Have a listen, dear friends, and feel inspired by the simple words and lovely melody to seek His face.

Blessings and prayers. ❤

22 thoughts on “Watch “Sonicflood – Holiness (feat Wilshire)” on YouTube

  1. Here are the lyrics. LOVE.
    I bought this on a CD years ago. Thank you for bringing it back to my mind!


    Holiness, holiness is what I long for
    Holiness is what I need
    Holiness, holiness is what You
    Want from me

    Holiness, holiness is what I long for
    Holiness is what I need
    Holiness, holiness is what You
    Want from me

    So, take my heart and form it
    Take my mind and transform it
    Take my will and conform it
    To Yours, to Yours, oh, Lord

    Faithfulness, faithfulness is what I
    Long for
    Faithfulness is what I need
    Faithfulness, faithfulness is what
    You want from me

    Brokenness, brokenness is what I
    Long for
    Brokenness is what I need
    Brokenness, brokenness is what
    You want from me
    What you want from me
    It’s what I want

    Songwriters: Underwood Scott Carl

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      1. I saw them in concert. Kind of rehearsed and the guitarist smashed his guitar at the end.. a real kind of downer lol!

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      2. Lol! Bummer. I wouldn’t have imagined that. I guess they were trying to keep up with the rest of the bands. 😏 I have seen Jars of Clay. Also, 4Him and Rebecca St. James. All very good. The best I ever saw though was Newsboys-the original group. Lots of high energy but also a willingness to worship Jesus and share the gospel.

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      3. I’ve seen all them but the Newsboys. I don’t think I’ve ever seen them.

        Yes, I think they were trying to keep up with the “new Christian” bands that were coming out at the time.

        FFH and 4Him were probably the best I’ve seen.

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      4. Ah. Well, I would have recommended Newsboys then versus Newsboys now. Not saying they are not still good. Just…different. Yep. There were a lot of those coming out then. 4Him was a big piece of my high school musical soundtrack. And I am jealous, man! I wish I could say I had seen FFH! Back in the covered wagon days when I was bold enough to do special music at church, I sang “One of These Days”. 🙂

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      5. The bad thing is that if you had seen one Christian band, you pretty much seen them all. FFH and 4Him were slightly different from the rest.

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      6. Very true! It’s one thing to sing and talk a little about Jesus. It’s another to preach and let the music mold to the message.

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