As Resurrection Sunday approaches, my mind naturally inclines to Calvary, to the glorious and complete redemption there.

But- it further goes to the churches in our land of late.

To pondering what the sermons across the country will consist of…

Will humble gratitude for the cross prevail?

Will a brokenness over the broken body of our Savior have its proper place?

Or will the disturbing trend for feel-goodism be front and center?

It can be a blatant parade of back-patting and busy work, a focus firmly centered on egg hiding and hunting and new clothes…

Or it can be more subtle, a type of gladness without the substance.

Doing the things because we always do the things, but all without pausing to contemplate why we do the things…

Or, sometimes, even if they are God’s things!

Yes, indeed, speaking His name, singing His praise,and doing good unto others can most definitely be His things!

But, then, there is also speaking His name in an attempt to gain His endorsement over sin, doing what we call good deeds that do not a thing for someone’s eternal destiny, aligning with what we deem the “correct” culture that has not a hint of Biblical correctness or an understanding of what mercy really means, and singing in a soulful, hip sort of way, but rarely inviting Him further than our lips…

It is a something that has infiltrated our churches at an alarming rate.

I did not coin this phrase, but it well suits where we are-

What we are far too often presenting is:

A social gospel.

An attempt to “cool” up and make “user friendly” the message of Christ that strips all the meaning.

And it sure doesn’t have to be Resurrection Sunday to see it.

But this season we celebrate His indescribably beautiful sacrifice to us does emphasize for me the disparity existing far too often between the soul of the church and the soul of the Lord…

So, all that spiel to say I offer you a perhaps different something to think on this Good Friday.

A list, if you will, of what the Gospel is and is not about…

It’s not about being cool.

It’s about being faithful.

It’s not about putting a happy face

To every gritty ounce of grace.

It isn’t the nod to embrace

The filth of our sin.

Rather, it is the precious breaking of

Those terrible bonds

Our mind must stay upon.

The cross must brutally remind

Of the Salvation we could not

Ourselves find…

Sundays of lapping up a self-soothing


Cannot cure the disease of humanity’s

Vacant glaze.

For your belly with fill for a while;

You might even dare a smile.

But the hollow, sin-shrunken frame

Stays on your back mile for mile…

You trade true freedom

For endless, useless scrabbling,

A weak, powerless strum

Over allowing Jesus in to blast away

All the wastelands you’re still


“But, I want to feel good, ” a grumble

Rises in the crowd,

“Jesus means all I do and all I am is

Stamped approved!

Let me float on my mellow cloud

And the rest of you can just sit there

Letting your Bible and your truth bog

Down your mood…”

“Ah, but friend,” comes the pleading


“There is but one Bible. One truth. One Christ.

Christianity has never meant you’ll

Feel good for always-

Not in this life, anyway…

It’s about Jesus taking on the

Degradation we could not will away.

Not that we might stay in it,

But that He could split the veil

And show us a better way….

It is about endurance of hope

In the recognition of every high and


It’s about denying self and taking up

One’s cross,

Knowing the depth of His love

Covers every cost.

It is mercy, to be sure.

But blended perfectly with His


And this alone, church,

Must be our answer-no compromise!

For only in His truth do we begin to recognize

Desperate humanity’s cure….

May we hold fast to His truth this Resurrection season and always! Blessings and prayers on your Good Friday, dear friends! ❤

27 thoughts on “A Social Gospel?

  1. Jesus is being sacrificed on the altar of cultural relativity. We do not need to do anything to make Jesus’s message anymore hip or cool. We are entertaining people on the way to hell and God is not entertained nor amused. So thankful for your love for the truth even when it’s uncomfortable and unpopular! Love you friend!

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  2. Tremendous post, Marisa. In fact, I believe your best ever. We need a true and relevant Gospel, one which convicts the sinner and transforms the heart.

    Many pastors will do their best to preach this true Gospel to many cold hearts tomorrow, and may God bless them richly.

    Sadly, however, too many pastors will be shills for the social gospel, and unbelievers will walk out of church absolutely unchanged from when they walked in.

    Despite this, may God do wonders tomorrow and open the hearts of those who are willing to listen.

    A wonderful Resurrection Day to you and your family, Marisa.

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    1. David, thank you! That means more than I can say! I honestly fought myself a bit on writing this so your words confirm it was right to push through and publish it. And Amen! I join you in praying for changed hearts this Resurrection Sunday! May you and yours have a blessed one as well!

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  3. I can assure you that the cross of Calvary will be preached the way the Lord intends it. I’ve been praying and expecting a wonderful and anointing service!

    Good post as always sis!

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  4. You have put it so well Marisa. My mum and me were having a chat yesterday about this and she was saying that more often than not it is the feel good message that many churches tend to restrict themselves to.
    The Gospel has to be preached in its entirety.
    Love that you wrote this and did such a marvellous job of getting by your thoughts across.
    May we pray for the word to be preached in its entirety and not tailored for what society might find more palatable.
    Blessings to you my friend 💙

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  5. Powerful post and words Marissa. Very thought provoking and inspiring. You are a Jesus Girl through and through. Not “just” a Jesus girl. One who is very loved by her King. I think that’s a “Well done, good and faithful servant.” But best of all He calls you friend, daughter, beloved, and blessed. ❤❤❤ Keep speaking the truth. Your family in Him love to see you shine. ❤

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