Hey,, there. Just some thoughts born this week. Sunday, I was feeling rather adrift in social anxiety visiting a church group not my own. I will be frank-I really didn’t feel very much inclined to be there. 😏

Actually, I desperately longed for escape, but, being as I was there for my husband’s sake, I took a deep breath and prayed hard I could stay the course.

And then, there came praise and worship…. No magical cure by any means, but as I quietly pushed on word by word, I was reminded of and bolstered by His ever-steady presence.

Today as the struggle and the ponder continues, I am having to remind myself He is there…

God, sometimes, the connection

Between You and me comes

Flowing like clean and cloudless


Sweet and easy and free.

And sometimes, there rolls a storm

Across the skies,

Causing in me a need

To fight for praise,

Through pensive night and drudge of


A tooth and nail session,

In order to gain possession of all

That You have granted is mine

And all that You desire for me to be.

Ah, I know it’s not You, Lord

That shifts away the sunlight in these


Rather, these moments are just


Of the human frailty through which I

Currently ford…

Some days are darker,

Harder to find the spark for.

Then, it becomes a seeking,

A beseeching thing,

Knowing when to press ferociously

Into the fray

Or when to simply lay aside my


And rest my heart in whispered

Remembrance of

What it is to humbly pray…

Oh, how I love when the praise just


Bubbling up,

And I joyfully raise my already

Overflowing cup…

So uncomplicated by care!

Yet, I find I treasure the praise that

Much more

When it is the fiercely fought for,

And I find again Your hand to help me


Blessings and prayers, dear friends. Thanks for the read. ❀

19 thoughts on “Fight for Praise

  1. Praise at times just flows and sometimes, it is a fight – I get that feeling. And your words that Gods hand is there helping us through it is such a comfort.
    And being in a group that is not your own , I could feel that deep down. I can go with my hubby but on my own, I am more comfortable with people I am used to.

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    1. I am glad my words came through and conveyed what I hoped to. Yes, indeed, He is our comfort and strength in all things. I have never been particularly good at “peopling” as I call it, but I think all these years of forced retirement have made it that much more daunting. My husband does help me a great deal, when he has time. Sunday was just not one of those times. (He is a chaplain in his chapter of the Christian Motorcycle Association.πŸ™‚)

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  2. I am in that spot right now Mrs Mariposa. In fact I believe the Lord placed you on my heart this morning. I turn on my phone and your notification was at the top of the list. Your message very much resonated with me. I am fighting that feeling right now, and it’s hard.

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    1. Hi, lily! Oh, I am so glad I wrote this then! I struggled mightily with posting it, to be honest, but praise God He helped me persevere! It is such a hard feeling to deal with. Most definitely understand. Blessings and prayers.❀ My email is on my ‘about’ page. Feel free to contact me.

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  3. I didn’t quite finish, but all I wanted to say is that perhaps the Lord wanted me to know I am not alone. He is with me whether I feel it or not. Can’t trust feelings. Knowing God with me and for me is what I need to focus on. Anyway, thank for sharing your thoughts. It did lift my countenance and i will keep pushing through. God bless you. β™‘
    Have a blessed day in the Lord. Susan

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    1. Yes, exactly! I do believe God is moving in our midst, providing us comfort! God bless you, Susan! Thank you so much for sharing in return! That is what this blog is all about! Blessings on your day!❀


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  4. The disciples were in the boat during the storm. And Jesus was sleeping. They ran to get Him in haste and fear. Little did they realize though, He was with them.

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