Went looking for this song tonight. Really, really needed it.

Actually, I have more than one CD with it on there, but, the phone’s in the hand and the CDs are way over there…😏

Anyway, I stumbled on this version with a short clip ahead of it where Rich explains this beautiful song so… beautifully.

In such a way my heart feels reminded of His truth just when I need it most.

God always, always has a way of meeting us where we are. πŸ™‚

Wherever you are and whatever you are dealing with, know Jesus is here to hold you, friend.

Listen and be blessed. ❀

19 thoughts on “Rich Mullins – Hold Me Jesus (with Introduction)

      1. That’s so cool. I always wanted to meet him. The closest I came was meeting his dog when Light 99 came out to a youth garage sale we were running when I was a teen. The DJ was babysitting him. πŸ™‚ And, yes, indeed. That humbleness and honesty are definitely what drew me to his work.

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  1. I remember this song from way back when. Very moving. This vid was a good share with him opening up and speaking from his heart… and then his song. ❀🎢

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