Something that is likely quite easy to guess about me is my love for honest, introspective work. I mean, I don’t try to hide it much, do I? 🙂 to say, when it comes to music, when I can feel someone’s heart in their voice and their words, I am most generally sold.

Such as it was when I first heard Nichole Nordeman on my WOW CD back in the day….

Loved the rawness. Loved the honest observations.

But, I feel I must freely admit some things:

At the time I discovered her, I had also discovered another female singer/songwriter that was on the rise at the same time that compelled me just a touch more. Maybe it was because she was from my home state. I don’t know. 😏

Anyway…that meant I didn’t rank Nichole as my absolute favorite then, but rather, as just someone I dug her style and a few of her tunes enough to listen to and relate.

One of those tunes was once found worthy to hunt the split-track cassette of (Oy. Showing my age again! 😏) in order to do it for special music one Sunday back when I was less petrified to do such.

But, when that lifetime got pushed aside by divorce, some of those cassettes and CDS also got put away.

Or trashed.

A couple of them smashed, to be honest.

Oh, I had my tried and trues I’d always cling to, yes. My comfort songs. My nights tuned in to the radio so I could get a shred of sleep.

But, others? Well, they were more or less just painful reminders of the hopes and dreams that had vanished, so away they went with old photos and my first wedding dress.

Even that other home state girl? My slightly more beloved singer/songwriter?

Well, she proved to pick up her guitar and vanish from the scene herself, only to come back years later professing a sinful lifestyle in the name of Jesus. I won’t say her name, but the story lays heavy on my heart and my prayer is she will recognize her folly before it’s too late.

But, back to Nichole and why I chose to share this song today.

In my year of introspection, I have begun to revisit many things. Many times, many places, each flavored with its own sound.

This one, this which I once sang with every ounce of emotion I had, came back to me recently.

And I realized more deeply than ever the beauty of it.

That it remained the cry of my heart.

To lay it out so bare as Nichole’s lovely lyrics and voice do. To admit, yes, I struggle. I doubt.

But, above all, I really want to know You, God.

May this be the cry of all our hearts, dear friends. Have a listen and be blessed. Much love and many prayers. ❤

10 thoughts on ““To Know You” on youtube

  1. We must have grown up around the same time. I loved Nichole and also the other artist you are talking about, in the same order! The first one I could sing along with better because our voices were more in the same range. I also appreciate some honest introspection and I’m learning to embrace this side of myself instead of seeing it as a weakness or flaw.

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    1. Hello, there, Rebekah! It is so cool when I find someone else who knows what I am talking about! I can relate on the range thing, too. Singing “To Know You” was a big test on mine, I can tell you. 😏 And, yes, it can be a great thing to be honest about ourselves! It’s not easy but, really, when we get to that place, God can then use us to touch others. I am glad you are learning to embrace this side of yourself and very glad you shared here with me today! Blessings! ❤

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  2. I get it. Yeah, I stumbled on both back when we were on one of those subscriptions through the mail. Back then, the yearly WOW CD’s became a way for me to figure out who I wanted give a further listen to.


  3. One of my favorites back in the days. Her voice is electrifying.Thanks for sharing. I loved hearing it again. It brought back some pleasant memories. ❤
    I have another favorite by Todd Agnew, (from back in the days), that was called ‘This Fragile Breath’. His version of Amazing Grace was beautiful as well. His voice is so unique and powerful.

    I can also echo what Rebekah said about appreciating “honest introspection and learning to embrace this side of myself instead of seeing it as a weakness or flaw.” I could not have said it better. We’re all a work in progress; I just wish at times I wasn’t so hard on myself. My husband isn’t. He’s my best friend and loves all my for who I am. Be blessed in the Lord always. ❤

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    1. Yes! I am so glad you enjoyed! Ooh, I haven’t heard Todd Agnew in a while! I will add him to my list! Thanks for the reminder! 😊 Amen! We are indeed a work in progress. I understand well being hard on yourself. That is me to a T! And your husband sounds a lot like mine! Glad to know you have that blessing! May you be blessed in the Lord always as well! ❤

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