Hello, friends. Something on my brain I can’t leave alone.

Didn’t plan a post today but, hey, I don’t really plan them anymore, anyway. 😏

No. Instead, I find it best I wait on God to tug at my shirt sleeve a few (Ok. Sometimes several, depending on how stubborn I feel.🙂) times.

Ok. So…I have been reading an awful lot in recent times about an awful lot of well-known people who once claimed or still make attempts at a claim to Christ using the word “deconstruction” in regards to their faith, the latest being Kevin Max, formerly of my beloved mainstay, DC Talk.

Not that this sort of thing is new. I must recognize this has been the sort of statement he has been edging forward in more and more over the years, especially following the DC Talk years.

But, this most recent was perhaps the most discouraging yet. To say I am sad is an understatement.

Now, this sort of thing isn’t exactly new in any faction of society-just read Paul’s epistles if you think it is-but the recent rash of it seems to be becoming more and more inflamed.

Perhaps the 24 hour social media barrage does it.

Perhaps it’s the innate hunger of humanity to be heard on every last thought, or should I say to renounce every last thought that does not fit the cancel culture du jour…🙄

At any rate, it can dismay the soul to the point of weariness when each news cycle seems to spring up with another in the body of Christ extracting themselves from the fold either blatantly or through the subtle lies of “progression”.

Especially when several of these folks are dear to me, either through music I was uplifted by, sermons once preached, or wisdom once imparted in the written word.

To hear that all that has gone before is now being shrugged off in the name of deconstruction?

It’s extremely deflating.

Now, I am no stranger to deconstruction-literal or spiritual.

As to literal, in his business, I have seen my husband take sledgehammers to walls, saw an ancient tub in two to unwedge it from a miniscule bathroom, gut entire kitchens, bring down (carefully) whole ceilings.

All in the name of making something new.

But, what he never does in remodeling is rip out the solid foundation.

Similarly, when it comes to faith, I have had to participate in my share of knocking out faulty walls and yanking out poor plumbing, for sure.

Growing up in the false doctrine of the charismatic church, there was a lot of stuff built up that had no business there!

And once I found those faults, took them to the Master Contractor, and questioned them, really questioned them, there was no turning back from total gutting of the mess made.

Deconstruction. No. Rather, reconstruction.

Complete rebuild of faith. It happens. It should happen-when it needs to happen.

But, the one thing He never said must be done away with is the solid foundation of Christ and Him crucified.

The core of faith, the Word and the truth there must remain for Him to rebuild upon. No compromises.

Because, you know what a compromise in construction is? Something that endangers the stability and durability of the whole structure!

And I think in there lies the difference between what the Lord did for me and what is happening with so many public figures in Christianity.

I will never ever regret taking those doubts to the Lord and letting Him have His way. I shudder to think what I might still be in the grips of  otherwise.

So…we all have doubts. I will never knock someone for admitting to them.

But-it’s what we then do with them that counts!

For, what is happening to so many of these folks, as well as many not in the media, is a removal from the  foundation the Lord intended for us.

It brings to mind 1 Cor. 3:11: “For no one can lay a foundation other than that which is laid, which is Jesus Christ.”

Sometimes, it is an abrupt shift away following a period of relative obscurity, at least in our eyes, as we stumble on yet another article we thought we’d never read.

Other times, it is a very willful, in-your-face statement. Those often include not only the word “deconstruction”, but the word that I cringe at every time-“progressive”.

(Read: moral ambiguity, approval of all manners of sin, sexual and otherwise. Iffy on scripture. Path to salvation. Whether we should even talk about one way to heaven or the reality of hell.)

Oh, friends, this should not be! Progressing in that manner is not progressing at all!

In fact, whatever is built on such a foundation is doomed to fall!

So…what do we do? What is our part?

Well, firstly, a firm renouncing of such a “Christian” walk. That is a given, even if you thought this person was cool or taught you something valuable at one time.

Let people know that that “progressive” version of “following” Christ is not the Biblical version.

That following that “cool” person in the media down that path will only lead to a deconstruction that will devastate them in the end.

But, as you navigate that, you better make sure you don’t do it from a high horse or neglect recognizing your own failings or desperate need for a savior.

We must, even as we disavow certain things, do it humbly and prayerfully.

And keep these who have shifted from the foundation fast in our hearts, in hopes that they will find their way back.

Because I have to pray that Kevin, in all his introspection, will remember the words he once sang: “there ain’t no disguisin’ the truth”.

May we all remember this truth-of Jesus Christ and Him crucified, the only path to salvation, the only covering for our sins, and the only way to live FREE of those sins.

With this our foundation and God our Master Contractor, what is built in us will stand the test of time. No deconstruction necessary. 🙂

Thanks for reading, dear friends! Blessings and prayers!

25 thoughts on “Dangerous Deconstruction

  1. I have no words. Foundation is paramount and I KNOW what it is like to have structural damage and a shifting foundation! I was never into DC Talk but whenever our local radio stations have top songs of all time countdowns, dc talk is all over it. While this isn’t Christian Demi Lovato has come out as gender fluid changing pronouns to they/them. This will affect Christians who will be swayed by celebrity culture or accept things to fit in with culture. We read about how apostasy will become prevalent in the birth pains before the Lord returns. It’s all madness. I give you credit for writing on this. My post would be one sentence, “God is not amused!” Love and blessings friend. Praising God we have each other for this journey!

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    1. Thank you so much, dear friend! Yes, everything you say makes sense. It is very concerning and points to the end. I think that fact alone gives me hope, because it means He is coming for us! I pray many more souls come to Him while there is still time!

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    2. Great response BGT! I can only add this, “Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap. Galatians 6:7. ❤

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  2. “Why do the heathen rage, and the people imagine a vain thing? The kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together, against the Lord, and against his anointed, saying, Let us break their bands asunder, and cast away their cords from us.”
    ‭‭Psalm‬ ‭2:1-3‬ ‭KJV‬‬

    “Deconstruction” isn’t anything new. It’s been around since the days of Psalms 2.

    Many “Christian” celebrities are professing Christ but deny Him in their words and especially actions.

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  3. Good on you for writing about this. Deconstruction I feel is becoming more prevalent. Foundation is so important and things cannot be changed in the name of progressive perspective or anything else.
    I agree with the above comment by Mandy that some celebrities claim to be Christian and this presents a very skewed version of what it means to be a follower of Christ.
    I think it is important for the church to speak about this and encourage people to read the word rather than rely on other things to give you spiritual food.
    Blessings to you Marisa for sharing this 💙

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    1. Thank you so much, Manu! So glad you got something out of this! It was a tough one to write, but it felt too important not to. Yes, indeed, our foundation must be sound before all else. These skewed versions of following Christ many in the media are presenting are so troubling. As we have sought to emphasize with our youth group, knowing what the Word actually says and staying in it must be our priority. Thank you again for reading and sharing with me here! Appreciate you so much, my friend! ❤

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  4. “But, what he never does in remodeling is rip out the solid foundation.”

    You nailed it with this statement, Marisa, and you nailed it with this brilliantly-written blog, your best ever (in my opinion).

    As we learn from the Book of Galatians, what Mr. Max has done (and what others here have mentioned), is nothing new. This “Universal Christ” Mr. Max now believes in is no Christ at all, and the “Universal Gospel” this “Universal Christ” would preach is no Gospel at all.

    His actions are heretical as he seeks to create a Christ after his own making, but I hope he will soon see the error of his way and find his way back to the true Christ.

    Tremendous post, Marisa!

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    1. Thank you, David! This post was a pretty intense labor for me but one I knew I could not turn from. I am so honored by your thoughts and compliments here. Yes, indeed, he has fallen into heresy. The twists satan does on the truth can seem subtle at first, but when you know the Word, they are obvious fallacy. Hence the importance of staying in the scriptures. I pray he sees the truth and repents while he still may.

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  5. “Especially when several of these folks are dear to me, either through music I was uplifted by, sermons once preached, or wisdom once imparted in the written word.”
    – Or loved ones who once showed so much promise! We can only pray our guts out for those people, love them, and wait, as the Prodigal’s father did, for them to come back.

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  6. Your message was quite enlightening Marisa, because I must admit I have not heard that term ‘deconstruction’ used in conversation. But I don’t get out much and I don’t listen to Christian media anymore. I could tell years ago that they were swaying toward being trendy and more commercially minded toward worldly things. I just stayed grounded in the Word of God and the firm foundation of Jesus Christ. It certainly is a sign of the times seeing that many Christians are falling away from the Truth, but Jesus forewarned us that this would be so. Blessings to you, Marisa for speaking on this message of importance. ❤

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    1. Happy to enlighten! Truly, Susan, you are better off! No better place to be than in His Word! I have gotten extremely selective myself with Christian media for that very reason you stated. Definitely seeing things unfold just as Jesus said! May we stand firm in the Lord! Blessings to you as well, Susan! Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts! ❤


  7. I’ve been out of the loop. I’m sorry to hear of Kevin’s current struggle with his faith. One thing is for certain, God’s arms are long. He will not “let go” of Kevin. This is where someone once used the title, “The Hound of Heaven”. He is a jealous God and will seek out His strays. This, we can rely on. God’s grip – Alan

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  8. So well said, Marisa. It truly is so sad when that firm foundation is ripped out.

    Keep sharing what God puts on your heart. It speaks volumes. It’s such a good reminder to hold on to what’s most precious and build and renovate wisely. Maybe renovate would be a better word for ripping out the appropriate bits. We are all a work in progress requiring some renovations to our hearts and lives. Only our foundation, Jesus Christ can finish the work that He’s started. When we take our lives into our own hands we have truly demolished the foundation that holds us upright.

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    1. Thank you so much, Tina! It is sad indeed! Yes, renovate is the perfect word! That definitely suits the works in progress we are in Him! You are so right-when we take our lives into our own hands, we demolish the foundation! May we continue to allow that work to go on in His capable hands! Thanks again for reading and sharing your thoughts, dear friend! Blessings to you! ❤


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