Hey, there. Just some words that tumbled out of me. My apologies, but no real inspiration for sketching today to accompany it. Besides which, my joints are not feeling particularly cooperative to the task.

In fact, not much of me is feeling cooperative, to be frank.

The sun is out…even spent some time in it. Yet, I just could not feel it in these old bones.

Not today.

Oh, how I despise always coming back to this place in my psyche- sounding so mopey and morose.

Further than that, I despise always overexplaining and overapologizing for this side of me.

I mean, sheesh, Marisa. Enough already…🙄

But, what can I do? All of this…junk- it’s a big chunk of who I am.

Anyway, on to the poem…

Reflections of the Daunted

You know, I was beginning to think I could call myself close to undaunted

I really thought I was beginning to know what I wanted…

But, just like standing in front of the refrigerator,

Nothing stands out anymore.

Everything pales under scrutiny,

Stomach and brain both contemplate mutiny…

I finally grab a plate of leftovers,

But all the time wondering what for?

Its taste on my tongue

Will be none but brittle and dry…

And it deflates me more than a little to discover

That beyond depression seems to lie

Rampant disatistfaction.

Or perhaps the lie is in the idea

That the gray doesn’t have a hold on me yet,

That I am not still entangled in that net.

Honesty is my mainstay,

But that doesn’t always mean it inspires joy.

Hurt remains hurt and pain won’t quit

Causing the heart to splinter and fray.

And yet You, Lord, remain the repairer of my soul…

Even when my cares seem to go wildly out of control.

Be near to me, my God,

Help me sift through the unappetizing places

To find again where the taste of your grace is…

Thanks for reading! Blessings and prayers as ever.

15 thoughts on “Reflections of the Daunted

  1. Not a fan of those dry spells. But I guess they’re necessary. Annie Herring told about a study of plants where some were placed in a normal day/night setting, while others were put under light 24 hours a day. They found all the plants were healthy, but the ones grown in constant light produced no fruit. 🤨

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  2. Like Annie said in her comment, I am not a fan of the dry spells either ( this week has felt a bit dry for me spiritually) but when we cling to God through those times even if if we do not realise it it grows us. So although you might not feel it right now know that God is working in you and cling to that truth.

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  3. Marisa, I’m so glad that you do share your woes, the depression and the greys. I do hate feeling that way too. And I do hate when I share it repeatedly and repeatedly. I’m sure the endless moaning of my soul must wear on others… but it’s honest and it’s real. Your poem speaks to me as it will speak to others who understand. So keep being you whatever you’re feeling. There are people, like myself, who need to know that their not alone in their thoughts and feelings. It really is a wonder poem. You inspired me with your words. Be blessed my friend and feel God’s loving arms around you. You have my thoughts and prayers as well. ❤❤❤❤❤❤

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  4. Though, reflection are daunted, grace lifted my confidence. Though, daunting thoughts reflects on the surface. Beyond the horizon, grace will meet you in the enlightenment. But, God! His love is the grace, reflecting the daunted path, back to His heart! Father, may your peace, may your strength our resolve! In Jesus’ name, Amen! Be blessed, my sister!

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