The Fix

Just some pondering over the many discussions of the last few days. I felt like sharing a poem or two, maybe an old post, was enough. God said otherwise. 😏 Actually, what I heard was when you’ve got an answer, don’t sit on it. Even if your voice is simply joining others saying the same, you never know who needs to hear it from you….

How do we fix society’s ills?

Ideas abound:

Give what you’ve been given for centuries.

Hurt for hurt. Pain for pain. It’s “Biblical”.

Forget trusting God who says “vengeance is mine”. We can’t wait or trust in His results.

Instead, we must nurse the rancor.

Build that festering wound of bitterness.

Blame whoever is handy, as if they possess the power all by themselves to heal what is actually a heart problem that goes on and on because of the disease of sin!

A disease we all carry! Not one is righteous! No, not even one!

That’s His words, by the way. Not mine.

But, ah, do we listen? Can anyone truly hear above the din of our own endless rhetoric slung back and forth?

Oh, we do hear the words. But, hearing and heeding are two different things.

Hearing without heeding does bring a reply. But, it often goes something like this:

No! the cry goes up in return to His voice. That can’t be right! We can’t all be guilty! That goes against the very fabric of our narrative!

We are the blameless put-upon! We can’t be part of the problem! It’s them. Not us!!

And so, in one fell swoop, ears turn to stone against His call to holiness.

We grab our band-aids in an attempt to stem the gushing wound of our debauchery to no avail.

Keep rallying the shouts there! comes the command. Shame anyone who isn’t properly towing the line or advancing the pre-approved agenda!

Throw a few bricks. Fling a molotov or two. Set some fires.

Doesn’t really matter where. Everywhere, after all, represents a place of oppression.

Shatter the glass holding you out.

Grab what you want or need.

Grab even if you don’t want or need it. Grab it because it’s theirs, but should be yours. Grab for anger’s sake because anger justifies all.

Bail out those who have committed lesser crimes, because why should they have to be held accountable for anything because those guys in blue are worse?

All guys in blue are worse!

It’s impossible to recognize the grievious fault in both sides!

Ruins the narrative!

You are either on one side or the other:

Cowering in an apologetic heap because of the color you were born as or lording it over others because of the same.

There is no room for pinpointing the harder truths, namely:

There is no fixing a mortal wound of bleeding morality with anything humanity can devise.

Only in Jesus Christ and Him crucified do we find the balm for all these ills we’ve wrought on ourselves.

We can talk a good talk about deeper regulations, further accountability.

The importance of voting in someone who cares.

We can claim turning our cities into war-zones will teach those who need to learn and right all the wrongs of generations long.

We can misquote previous leaders to apply their words to the agenda which suits.

And we can verbally browbeat all those who do not follow suit.

We can even claim God for our “side” and wave Him like a banner.

Consulting Him is often considered optional in such cases, of course.

Yes, we can do all that, but, not one bit of that will ever heal us. In fact, for quite a few of those things, they are destined to further harm us.

Oh, friends, I know so, so many are hurting. I know. I cannot offer much but to say and keep saying:

Only in Him. Only in deep, ongoing abiding in Him can we ever find healing!

Now, more than ever, salvation through Christ must be our answer.

The fix, if you will. The one and only fix.

I am praying it’s yours. Blessings to you and thank you for reading! Much love in Christ to you! ❤

If you have questions about salvation or anything else, email me-

A Time to Refrain

There is a time for everything under heaven, according to Ecclesiastes 3:1.

But, the knowing of what to do and when is sometimes like peering into the fog.

Everything is murky from intentions to executions thereof when mist shrouds judgment.

Such has something in my life been of late…

This situation, of which the particulars matter not here, has arisen of the longing to help an individual who is in desperate need.

Frankly, I was not first to see it. I, shamefully, had to be dragged kicking and screaming into it.

Mostly for the fact pieces of said situation pierced at tender points in my past.

Causing surprisingly bitter rancor to ooze out as a result.

After all this time and all these years…

It tasted terrible!

Would that I had immediately spat it out as such, but there is something about resentment.

It’s hard to extract once begun.

So, some of me feels I should do penance, so to speak, for having the capacity yet for such hateful thoughts.

I should care more, I chided myself recently.

I worked on caring more.

Time and again pleading with the Lord to take away the acidic sensations inside, to replace it with the compassion I knew I ought to have.

I did things I didn’t necessarily feel motivated to do for this individual but knew needed to be done, praying my feelings would fall in line with this painful obedience to His call.

I struggled and strived to yank back the drapes tightly held on my soul to begin letting this person in, to open the door for my dearly loved partner in these mercies to move more freely, as he wished.

Then, just as I began to feel like we were all rounding a corner, unhappy truths began to stare me in the face.

Inklings I had had instincts on, but feared to voice out of a sense it would just be my mixed emotions talking, or, at least, be perceived so.

Yet, red alerts would continually blink at me none the less.

I gave them over to God, begging for wisdom, only to take them back, fretting my way through them for a while before beginning the process over again.

Finally, I surveyed the need and the recurring cancer of it despite all our efforts, and saw clearly what God was telling me.

It was time to refrain.

Not for my petty complaints. Not out of spite.

But for the sake of this individual who took our help, our love of the Lord, and seemed to accept it.

Yet, enacted no lasting change.

Not for herself or for those the Lord entrusted her with.

So…just this week came a time to put one foot in front of the other, take some needed actions, and put some distance between us.


Without the shadows of anger humming over us as before.

Rather, with the Lord’s love and prayers between us.

My heart contracts with the heaviness of it all.

After all, God does direct us to answer need when it’s right in front of us, does He not?

Yet, there does also come that place when we must recognize assisting has tipped into enabling, leaving help a rather moot point.

And, for the sake of love, He directs us to walk away.

I pray this is a not-for-always.

I pray the seeds planted will still one day sprout.

But, whether it is us or another to do the watering, I cannot say.

Only the Keeper of Time has it all in His hand.

The whens, whats, and whys are all there. We need only trust the Lord in the fog and He will make it clear.

In His time. 🙂

Prayers and blessings, friends! May we all seek to hold on to Him and allow Him to direct us through all our various times.