Praise You In This Storm

I feel like I am posting a lot lately, but I recall promising to share another song or two that has long lifted my heart in troubling times.

All the current turmoil seems to indicate such a thing would be welcome at this point.

Now, this one begs a bit of background. It’s too beautiful not to tell, for it speaks to the way our God reaches out and holds us in the midst of our deepest sorrows.

It was summer 2005. My first husband had left in May to be with someone else. I was a stay-at-home mom wrangling two sons- a baffling toddler and a sweet, oddly mature baby- and expecting my only daughter.

I had been in the pits of despair, naturally, crying out for some sign of hope from God.

Nights were hardest. After my boys were tucked in, I felt so alone.

I would turn on the radio to go to sleep by-to try to go to sleep by, that is.

So often, this was actually more when I’d let myself cry. No kids to worry about disturbing, after all.

And in those tears was mixed my prayers, sometimes in words, more often than not just a verbal ache brought to the surface.

Oh, where was comfort?! I would wonder.

But, oh, friends, night after night, there came this song. God’s reply.

And, somehow, I could feel His wings draw around me then.

And, somehow, I would find enough rest to get through the next day.

I hadn’t thought of this song except perhaps periodically until the chaos and tragedy of this year descended, both on the world and in my own little corner of it.

May it speak to any who need its comfort. ❤ Blessings and prayers.