Empty Tomb


Just pondering the wonder and glory of the Empty Tomb that ushered in the filling of our souls. Our gatherings this year look different, but there is nothing that can wipe out the possibility to celebrate this amazing gift He gave. 😊

Hush gathers over the morn,

Yet anticipation is humming,

Joy poised to be reborn

As creation sounds a blessed drumming…

Stone once sealed,

Now rolled out, the entrance revealed:

A folded shroud,

A vacant room,

And baffling bright promise

Alights the former gloom…

Oh, blessed ,empty tomb!

The indwelling you represent

Cheats the dead soul’s doom!

For, in Him who is alive,

We are gifted the chance to

Actually, truly forever live!!

In Him who all that is worthy derives,

We learn just how much He chose to give…

Blessings and prayers, dear friends! Happy Resurrection Sunday! He is ALIVE! Woo hoo! ☺