Newsboys – Joy

Hi, friends! I have been sitting here waiting on deeper inspiration again.

So…in the meantime, an update, a song, and perhaps a bit of a ramble. 🙂

Things are progressing pretty nicely on most all fronts in our world.

School has thus far remained a safe and happy go-to for my younger ones as the pursuit of music, performance, and friends tops their list. And for one, a big shocker is added-cross country! (Seriously, folks…athleticism is not in the genes. At all. So, the fact my 16 year old boy has determination to push through majorly sore ankles to try this is awesome.😊 )

And my college boy? Well, he is stepping forward in self-management and relationships, each step precious proof autism has become his fuel (As well as increasing evidence I’m getting older! Acck! 😳🙂).

Let’s see…what else?

Business is busy. Right now, my husband is on the remodel that never ends, but hey, that is job security right there! 😏

Oh, and Community Youth Group has begun again as of last Wednesday! I was thrilled to make cookies and spend some time in worship and study with our dear kiddos! ❤😊

And, beyond the usual allergy invasion and the nose-blowing fest that naturally follows, I am actually finding some fairly decent days physically speaking- between the creaky joints, of course. 🙂

Life is still with its various shades of differences and challenges, no doubt, but there is a joy that rises…and not just because things are well at present.

Don’t get me wrong-it’s great things are well at present!

I’m so grateful.

But, joy is not found in whether all’s well or not-so-well.

No…rather, it is found in waking up and abiding with Jesus.

Every day I get to roll out of bed and know my sweet Lord is right beside me, ready to help me face whatever comes.

And that bubbles up in me a song that has been one of my go-to’s-from another band that has long been a go-to in of themselves…

Newsboys-in particular, their earlier years.

Hmmm…maybe it’s the 90’s-early 2000’s kid in me. 😉

Don’t get me wrong. I still love what the newer incarnation of the group does now, but, oh, my…the exultant bounce to this one!

The effervescent, intricate lyrics!

It really takes me back.

I can’t help but rejoice with this one….

Have a listen and see if you don’t rejoice with me. Blessings and prayers, dear friends! ❤

Headlines Worth Reading

Update on Pastor Don: On Sunday, before delivering another great, encouraging sermon, he noted this week he is to be meeting with his doctors to work out the best strategy for his cancer. He and Deb welcomed two of their three kids home to be support in this time and expect their eldest to arrive in July, barring travel complications. They are very grateful for your prayers, as am I.

And as to my thoughts for today, they came in poem again after my dry spell, complete with a scribbling. 😊

Headlines Worth Reading

Another day

Jumping into the fray.

Scroll the ever regurgitating feed,

Sound the toll of the ever burgeoning need.

Headlines scream out impending doom.

Clouds deem themselves bent for gloom.

So automatic to think on the endless cares;

Easy ‘twould be to sink in the depths of despair.

And YET…

He who created us and this spinning ball

Is still there

Ever present and ever aware.

Loving us, guiding us on, seeing us through.

And from the dark, the diseased existence of it all,

He snaps the fingers of dawn,

Painting beauty anew;

In the Sonrise,

A headline worth reading

In a world hungry for what’s true!

Oh, He is so good, friends! May you live this day and always in light of this truth. Blessings and prayers to you! Thanks for reading! ❤

Gratefully His

I have had many a lofty thought rolling around in this old brain lately.

Lots going on in this world to inspire a lot of pondering, to say the least.

Yet, I find the moment of putting pen to paper…oy, showing my age here- 😏

I should say, putting fingers to keys- everything I think ought to be said vanishes like a puff of wind.

Therefore, I will leave aside all more ambitious thoughts and adhere instead to what I feel He wants me to say as we gear up to a busy and bountiful week.

I just want to say how grateful I am to be His.

The idea the Lord of this vast universe takes note of a humble speck like me is absolutely…

Astonishing. Just, well, astonishing!

May I never cease to be in awe of this fact!

The grace He bestowed on us through Christ’s death and resurrection is absolutely the most beautiful truth in this life.

That He has allowed me to partake of it overwhelms my heart.

I am grateful for the people He’s planted next to me to share in that truth, the love He graciously pours out through them, the dear, growing, learning, amazing children He entrusts to my hand.

For blessed forgiveness, both the opportunity to extend it as well as to receive it.

For the incredible miracle that is simply redeeming the time.

For second chances.

And forthieth. 🙂

Because, boy, do I need them!

Furthermore, I am grateful for this welcoming place of fellowship and you wonderful folks who share in this pursuit of the written word with me…

As well as in pursuit of His word with me!

So, in this spirit of gratitude, I say thanks-for writing your terrific and terrifically challenging posts.

Thanks also for reading mine. ☺

May your Thanksgiving be joyful, surrounded by His love and goodness.

Prayers and blessings to you, dear friends!

Above the Noise

These days there is so much clamoring for our attention, not the least of which is information.

There’s more social media sites, websites, newsfeeds, etcetera, etcetera than you can shake a smartphone at.

And all of it seems to make the claim through hollering headlines of either major breakthroughs or breaking news-or both.

Click over here. Instant answers. Click over there. Immediate blow-by-blow, complete with pictures.

Here a click. There a click. Everywhere a click-click. 🙄

So easy to get sucked right into these copious amounts of chatter.

And so much of it is either so dark and ugly or so shallow and insipid, it can leave you fearfully burrowing under the covers or sinking into an apathetic coma.

Neither position is terribly conducive to a productive walk with the Lord, to say the least!

So, what, in the end, is the solution to all this?

One cannot exist on a steady diet of either inane fluff or doom and gloom.

We cannot pretend there’s not bad in this world. If we ignore it altogether, we are neglecting to call out the truth or recognize areas sorely in need of prayer.

Neither can we become so bogged down with this evil that we only speak Chicken Little and stir others up with the notion there is nothing to look forward to but an inevitable crash on the noggin.

Let them know there’s judgment for unbelief in the end, to be sure, but, not at the expense of neglecting to share the living hope found in Christ.

Somewhere there must exist a balance.

Know the here and now truth-things are rough in this world, apt to get rougher. No doubt.

But-know the ultimate truth as well-Jesus is coming and things will be made right in Him. Hallelujah!

Go ahead, switch on the news of the day, good, bad, and ugly-for a limited time.

But, don’t forget to switch on the Good News of salvation in your heart to temper it! And never shut that off!

Suffice to say, there will always, always be a lot of nagging noise on this old spinning ball.

These days, it’s more accessible than ever.

But, when you keep your ears trained for His voice over all others, He can lift you above the noise.

Prayers and blessings, friends! May we learn to listen to His voice above the noise of this world.