Scrubbing Our Hearts

Hello, folks. I keep thinking I should have something further to say by now.

Something beautiful.

Something comforting.

Something profound.

Something wise.

And, yet, in this crazy yet rather apt time I chose to steal away, all I can really say is…God is God.

He is ever in control, ever directing the course of our lives, ever speaking.

Would that we would heed to that control, trust that direction, listen to His voice!

I truly believe this is a unique opportunity to allow ourselves to be arrested where we are-quite literally-and look to Him and Him alone for our answers.

We can stock our pantry, our medicine cabinet, our-ahem-paper goods.

We can don a mask, sanitize our physical spaces, scrub our hands till they are pruny.

We can Skype or Zoom our woes, play board games till we are bored stiff, and all figure out how to impromptu home school.

We can look for a financial boost to tide our bank accounts over.

But-if we neglect to surrender our hearts to His scrubbing, to admit we all of us desperately need it?

Well, then, the efforts are all for naught.

For, all the outward cleanliness and carefulness in the world cannot save us in the end.

Only in recognizing that only Jesus saves will we truly get anywhere.

I don’t pretend to know His plan with all this, the exact hows or the whens of absolution in this present crisis.

But, I do know through scripture the ultimate absolution-

Christ is returning for His own and we are nearer now than before.

I pray we are setting our eyes to the sky, seeking and welcoming this happening, encouraging others to do the same.

Thanks for reading, friends! Though I do count myself back, I will likely not be back in the same frequency as before. With our state’s school closed for the rest of the year, He has gifted me with the chance of much more concentrated time with my dear children and I aim to use it to His glory. ☺ Know that my prayers and thoughts are ever with you all!

Fragments in the Dark Glass

A tidbit of my “handiwork” on textured tile in my bathroom, some as reflected through the mirror. ( The mural as a whole is a jungle scene of light and shadow.) Thought it was a photo uniquely suited to this poem.

Fragments lie jagged on the floor,
Puzzling till my puzzler’s sore. 😏
Does this piece fit there or here?
It just doesn’t always come clear.
Trust the provisional face
Of through the glass darkly, You Say;
All else will fall into place Someday…
Oh, Lord, grant that I might gain More patience
For the days of Your unfettered Presence!
I have You now, it’s true.
Who else could have breathed in me Life anew?
Yet, there’s the unseen I quest for, The unending, unhampered rest as Never before.
Knowing instilled in an instant;
All cares forgotten, banished to Farthest distance.

Longing rises up from deep within my thirsty soul.

So difficult to still the vocal one Within who scarce can surrender Control!

Lord, when, oh, when will I be privy to the answers for all time?! I cry.

Feeling foolish, but out the words do fly!

Ah, but, with tenderest eyes, He shines an unperturbed smile…

When the time is due, my child, He replies.

Yes, these days drag hard at the heart,

The earth is wild,

Infected, blowing wide apart.

But, the dawn is measuring its footsteps,

Preparing for completion of all the bright promises kept.

Fret not, little one.

At the rightest of moments,

My will be done,

Pieces will come,

Locked into My perfect precepts.

And, there you have it;

Fragments will fit when they fit.

No fast fix, this.

But, soothing nevertheless enters

In the heavenly emotional mix.

Longing still rises from deep within My soul,

But, learning all is best in Your control.

May we have a heart ever expectant of His return, but also one that ever rests in the trust of His control of our times! Blessings and prayers to you, friends and thank you for reading! 😊

Guarding Our Lamps

Hello! Hope everyone’s Christmas was a blessed one! We’ve had a good deal said about lights in this season, but, I feel inspired to a bit more, in perhaps a different form than we traditionally explore at Christmas….

Only once before have I indulged here in any of my gold standards from my daycare teaching years.

But, lately, I keep humming “This Little Light of Mine”.

This little light of mine, I’m going to let it shine…

This little light of mine, I’m going to let it shine…

Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine…

Most of you likely know the lyrics, so I will leave off including the rest, though I do love two sections: 1. When they get to “hide it under a bushel? NO!. The “no’s” are so adorably emphatic.

And 2, and, perhaps my favorite: “Ain’t gonna let Satan blow it out!”- with the word “blow” replaced by a whoosh of air enthusiastic enough to put out dozens of birthday candles. ☺


Maybe it’s just in my head because it made that delightful sort of appearance in my littlest boy’s Christmas program recently.

Or, maybe, it’s meant to be a gentle tug on my heart for a purpose beyond the cuteness of a group of children belting it out complete with hand motions and sound effects…

For lights are something rather delicate, truth be told.

It doesn’t take an awful lot to extinguish them.

Before some major power line reworking in our occasionally wild and wooly midwest town, all it could take sometimes was a day of particularly stiff wind and whoosh.

Lights out as fast as my grade school friends demonstrate in their song. 😳

Flashlights were fumbled for.

As was the phone as we swiftly called the electric company to alert them of the issue and anxiously awaited the intrepid heroes of their field to come make things right again.

All that flurry of immediate concern and coming to attention…

But, do we do the same with our spiritual light?

Do we even immediately recognize the loss of illumination?

Is it even necessarily as sudden a switch from on to off as a power outage? 🤔

Well, no, I really don’t think so.

It’s a far more gradual dimming than that.

A bit of darkness creeps in here, a bit more shadow there.

The lantern’s glow grows smaller and smaller by contrast.

We begin to squint to see. It may take some time to realize we even are squinting to see. ( Much like what happens when I am due for a change in my eyeglass prescription!😏)

It puts me in mind of the other great toddler tune about this subject:

Give me oil in my lamp,

Keep me burning.

Give me oil in my lamp,

I pray.

Give me oil in my lamp

Keep me burning, burning, burning.

Keep me burning till the break of day!

Of course, this is based on the parable of the ten virgins found in Matthew 25.

Some had guarded their lamps well and were ready for the bridegroom (Jesus).

Others were not so prepared. Their lamps were going out. They had nothing on hand to renew their light.

And, of course, the analogy here concerns those who persevere in their faith in looking for the return of our Lord and those whose faith has sagged with neglect.

It emphasizes how vital it is that we as believers hold dear His Light, that which He has granted to help us keep watch.

As we prepare to enter a new year within days, may we also be mindful to stay prepared for His return for us, His bride.

May our light be maintained daily, burning bright in this dark world despite the devil’s attempts to whoosh it out.

Not only that we may be able to see clearly, but that others may be drawn to the light of His truth.

Blessings and prayers to you, my friends! Guard your lamps well!