Watch “Sonicflood – Holiness (feat Wilshire)” on YouTube

Yes, back to share another song.

What, Marisa?

This quickly? You usually space them out…

Ok, yes, I know. But, I was honestly in a soul searching sort of mood this evening.

Everyone else is busy. So, I turned to some music from my early twenties.

And I recalled why this song meant so much to me then and why it is still so significant today.

For holiness, faithfulness, and brokenness are far too absent in us right now.

Seeking His will above our own is missing in action as well.

As a world.

As a nation.

As those who profess the holy name of Jesus.

We have forgotten how to take up this cry for much too long in our brash, shoot-our-mouths-off-as-we-please, push-and-shove-for-our-way society.

May we learn to take it up again, Lord!

Have a listen, dear friends, and feel inspired by the simple words and lovely melody to seek His face.

Blessings and prayers. ❤


Hey, there, friends. Not a lot to speak but the pondering of why I have not a lot to speak. 😏

Should have something to say, God.

Why don’t I have anything to say?

Loud, clamoring chaos has ripped

Holes in the very

Fabric of our country.

And here I sit in relative silence.

Where are my carefully crafted yet

Sharp assessments of our crumbling


Where is wise counsel to encourage

And exhort?

The pressing plea to keep You at our


I survey the oh-so-human travesty of

The last little while

And I find my response coming up


My words quite nearly, almost


Why, Lord? Surely I should have a

Wealth of thoughts to pen today!

Why the silence in my soul?


And here is the answer:

Well, daughter, the thoughts are there,

Gathering in your heart,

Filling in the well,

Preparing to flow

When the time is right

And the words are clear.

For now, no flurry is needed.

No profoundness required.

For silence is sometimes the place you must go

When the noise of the world is ringing in your head

And you recognize

You must be earnestly seeking to hear from Me ….

May we all find those moments of silence in these chaotic times and earnestly listen for His voice! Blessings and Prayers, my friends!

Fresh Page of Living

Hello, friends! Inspiration is still a bit on the slow side just now, but really wanted to share something with you today as we close this hard year and look towards new beginnings. 🙂

2 Cor.2:17
Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here!

Just as a butterfly’s wrap must

Come before it’s shed away,

The hour before dawn is darkest, they say.

The heavy drapery of night sky

Shrouds the approaching sun,

Yet, second upon second draws the

Sweet unveiling nigh.

Paintstroke by paintstroke,

Color invades

Until a fresh page of living has begun.

And, so we lay aside the year gone by…

Cruel as it’s been,

From the fingers of time it gently


And, blessedly, we can find in Him

Burgeoning new wings;

We can embrace the arriving


And the renewed strength it brings!

Heartaches we will yet face this year,

No lie,

But, when we seek the Lord,

We will yet discover new ways in Him

To fly.

Blessings and prayers on your New Year, my friends! I pray we can find fresh resolve to seek Him in this time He grants us and discover new ways to soar! Thanks for reading and sharing 2020 with me with all its ups and downs! ❤❤❤

Another Day

A bit of pondering on the difficulties in this season to keep the Lord most dear in my heart. It is so easy- far too easy- to get pulled into the anxieties of the day…

Another day You wake my slumbering soul.

Another challenge yet to undertake

That will undoubtedly take some sort of toll.

And, as I go about

Seeking in the quiet sort of way

Of the shy and the meek,

The quest is posed, the answers yet to speak-

Will I indeed leap into the fray past my door,

Determine to seek Your face once more?

Or will I hang back upon my trusty fringe,

Hooking my hat to that which I consider the safer place

Than that which might be in store?

Oh, Lord, I want nothing more than to

Want YOU and nothing more!

Yet, the mind’s eye drags me aside,

The world’s various pains

Encroach and collide.

And I find the quickening of anxiety,

The surprising sickness of pride

Too often keeps me at arm’s length

From Your ever willing side.

Oh, that sort of social distancing

Should never apply

To You, my God, my chief ally!

I must draw near, come what may,

Hold You more than ever dear,

No matter what the world offers this day!

Oh, Father, so many fears has this season fraught!

But, help me to keep You placed as I ought!

May we each be prayerful to seek Him first. Thanks for reading, dear friends! Blessings and prayers! ❤