Faith for the Ragamuffin

Hello, friends. So far so good for our college boy. 🙂Mommy, however, is experiencing some unrelated kinks. A poem born from the trenches of this last week…

I think today

On the subject of faith.

And I have to wonder…

What have I to offer?

For my faith feels so meager most days, so frail-

Rags from a tattered old bag really.

Full of scraggly tears and gaping holes;

Not near enough to cover my sin-stained soul!

And I have to question-am I merely destined

To fall and to fail?

Oh, but when I know the Lord, friends,

Such queries, sooner or later, prove silly!

For I know His Word says

More than a conqueror I am;

Never forsake or leave me will He.

And to what do I owe this bright victory?

The fact His Son hung upon a tree…

For ragamuffin me.

And it’s sufficient, this infinite love

To stretch faith enough

To cover my weak humanity…

Praise God He covers us! May we embrace that fact as we navigate both the good and the tough days! Thanks for reading, friends! Blessings and prayers! ❤

Still King

Hi, there, dear friends! On this Palm Sunday, I felt the urge to carve out at least a little time on here for  one of my dearest loves-poetry.

I admit I haven’t been able to tinker around with it near as much as I’d like lately. But, it’s okay. It’s necessary. And life on the homeschool front does have its joys! Really does!

Yet, the fact is, life looks so…different right now. So simple yet somehow more complex-on a whole different plane.

We are all well in my household, praise God. Still, there is much upheaval, much uncertainty-that which I know most all of us are facing in one way or another.

But, now more than ever,  my heart must declare- this truth remains. Jesus is still Jesus…



Still King

Walls rise between.

Isolation becomes the theme.

At a time when we most crave the comfort

Of another human soul,

Sickness steals the effort;

Hands must still, relinquish all the control…

Oh, uncertainty!

That which lurks unrestfully in the morning breeze…

So easy it would be

To simply sink into this haunting anxiety,

Or numb ourselves to hopeless apathy.

As the news scrolls

The seemingly unending tolls

Where lies our heartsong?

Is it lost in the desperate, teeming throngs?

Where is that which in our utter weakness

Can make us ever strong?

Oh, not in ourselves by any means,

Despite the empty promises to which we cling…

No…those sort of actions are none but a smoke screen…

Here’s the real thing.

Jesus is for once, for only, and still  The King of Kings!

Not a wall can hold the truth

Of hosannas loudly echoing-

“Save us now! ” we cry.

And when we believe that He can,

This humble, this righteous King-

That He has 

For all time,

That is where we will find comfort

That can ever withstand.

And strength where distance exists not

As He holds us each in His capable hand….


Know that today and always, dear friends! Blessings and prayers to you! Appreciate the read! 🙂❤








Winepresses We Hide In

This is sort of a reworking of a poem from about 14 years ago. I originally wrote it after picking through some of the Bible stories of the unlikeliest He called, including Gideon. I wrestled much with doubt then. My faith has been mightily stretched, of course, but I can admit thoughts written long ago still echo through the here and now

Sometimes, I feel like Gideon,

Crouched down in the winepress,

Hiding out,

Quaking with anxiety.

I’ve never seen an angelic guest,

I confess,

Nor do I ever find myself with

Much wheat to thresh, 😏

Yet, there is a something in the

Story there

That sounds such a

Recognizable ring

Through the air…

Perhaps it’s his utter smallness,

From birth order to clan,

That meets me where I live,

Connects to where I am.

Perhaps it’s the “Who, me?”


An imagined incredulity at the

Idea of “valor”

Which tends to give to my soul

A nod of familiarity.

Between us lies years and

Obvious difference in


Yet, in feelings?

I suspect there ‘s very little


For, I can well picture

My questioning heart here,

My begging for just one more

Fleece, please,

To alleviate my fear.

I can feel the wonder

As the odd proceedings

Prove might is not in man

And it’s His truth which sends

Doubts and enemies asunder.

I can only pray my faith keeps on


And my growth in Him becomes

More than a mere smattering.

For though my battle be

Not with a Midian horde,

Nor my weapons broken jars,

Torches, or ram’s horns,

That which I march into

Is a trust walk nonetheless,

Numbers with me modest,

And my tendency is to the flesh.

Yet, I know that I know

He meets us

In every winepress we hide in.

And, oh-so-patiently,

He lifts us beyond cowering dust

To call out a depth of courage

We didn’t know was within….

May we step out of our respective winepresses and approach each battle with faith and courage in the Lord, especially as a new year prepares to unfold! Blessings and prayers to you, dear friends! ☺

Weakness Tops Strength

I have a bigger, fancier nativity scene thanks to one of those awesome garage sale buys, but this tiny one predates it, taking me back to the struggling days of single motherhood. We had a little apartment, therefore little decorations suited. I still put it out as a reminder of what He can do with small things. Thought a picture of it here also suited perfectly. ☺

I have recently been dealing with one of the really not-so-thrilling sides of my physical woes.

Not that any are thrilling, mind you. 😏

And, oh, how I hate talking about it!

But, we’ve established I go where He directs, so…

We’ll start here:

There are so, so many components to EDS, several of which I deal with to varying degrees. And every case has it’s own face on it.

But, this particular struggle I am most coping with presently begins with a rude awakening in the night. My head has somehow shifted from its much needed, princess-and-the-pea style propped position and plunged itself into a violently swimming vortex via my inner ear fritzes.

It’s really but a few moments of vertigo. It feels a little foolish at times to be so frightened of it. However, it is intense enough I find myself scrambling for something stable to grab onto.

Usually it’s my dear slumbering husband who has been through this with me enough times to respond with tenderness, even in his half-awake state, along with a tight grip of his own to let me know he’s got me.

In this way, he also lets me know that I’m not really falling off the edge of the world, even though it feels like it at the time.

It’s much appreciated, let me tell you! Everyone needs a solid rock to cling to when the earth is shaking.

And, as I sit here in the aftermath of day-long malaise, weak as a newborn colt, body and brain still unsure of my every movement, I am reminded of how much this reflects the Christian life.

Didn’t necessarily feel like writing, but I’ll use it.

Scratch that-I’ll allow God to use it. 🙂

There are times-lots of times-when we feel like we are about the weakest, silliest thing in creation.

Powerless to make a move.

But, that is when we must remember He who chose to come down to earth to inhabit a fragile newborn vessel.

To further inhabit us with His perfect wisdom and strength when ours is gone.

It’s not a Christmas verse, per se, but I think on it now in that He didn’t come in the imposing frame anticipated by us finite folks, a fact which I love:

But God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise; God chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong. 1 Corinthians 1:27 NIV

If ever a verse lifts my scrawny little soul, this is one.

The truth we cannot do it in our own pitiful power sounds so negative to the pull-it-up-by-your-own-bootstraps world, but, truly, it’s just… freeing!

Because, to acknowledge we aren’t supposed to be able to do this on our own is what can ultimately provide us with authentic, lasting strength.

And the realization He can yet use us if we but take all these pathetic scraps we possess to Him is nothing short of incredible!

It’s a marvel, but, you know, the more I know the Lord, the more I see it is to His express delight to take the outwardly unexceptional and breathe the breath of life into it.

To reach out His steadying hand to those of us who wobble.

And speak the comfort that needs no words:

No, my child, you aren’t falling off the edge of the world. I’ve got you. All you’ve got to do is hold onto Me.

Blessings and prayers, friends! May you rest in His strength this season and always!